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eye exams for children: what parents need to know

Eye Exams for Children: What Parents Need to Know

Crawling, walking, talking—all of your child’s firsts are thrilling, and usually occur after a lot of practice. A child’s eyesight also develops over time, as your child learns to focus, move their eyes accurately,…
Andrea Castagno
Is Blue Light Bad for Kids? What You Need to Know

Is Blue Light Bad for Kids? What You Need to Know

Let there be light. Just not blue light. The blue light emitted by our computers and digital devices is getting a bad rap these days, as some scientists have warned that exposure to blue…
Wendy Kagan

Top Tips to Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Let’s face it: We live in a digital world. Computers and screens are everywhere—at work, at home, at school. So it’s no wonder that in this cyber age, we have developed a new physical…

How To Read Your Eyeglass Prescription

If your doctor, like most, is notorious for horribly scribbled handwriting, more often than not you can still decipher what medication he or she has prescribed for you. But have you ever tried reading…

5 Ways to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

So you’d love to go online and find a quick fix for your tired eyes, but headaches, blurred vision, and burning eyes are making you dread Internet exploration? You’re not alone…most people who spend…
Amy Spiezio

Itchy, Watery Eyes: Do I have an eye allergy?

Just when you thought allergy season was over: you wake up with itchy, watery eyes - a real bummer whether you wear eyeglasses or contacts! But it’s not just pollen that’ll give your peepers…
Chrissie Wright

What Are Your Eye Drops Hiding? Dry Eye Solutions

Drop the Eye Drops! Hitting the over-the-counter eye drops to soothe your itchy, dry eyes? While that might be a temporary solution, it’s important for your eyes’ health to ensure that the irritation is…
Amy Spiezio

Computer Vision Syndrome

Did you ever have one of those days where texting and working on the computer could just make you cry? Not because it’s total drama in the dorm, but because you’re eyes are soooo…
Amy Spiezio

Eye Exams for Kids: What You Need to Know

Eye exam time for your little one? No need to fear: With a little preparation on the part of Mom and Dad, the annual trip to the optometrist for your children’s eye exams can…
Wendy Kagan

Did You Know – Your Optometrist Can Be Your Diabetes Detector?

Are things looking a little fuzzy these days? Even if they’re not, a quick trip to your eye doctor for a complete eye exam can be the key to evaluating your overall health and…
Amy Spiezio