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For Women, Men, and Kids

With a large selection of designer frames for women, men and kids, Cohen’s Fashion Optical makes it easy to find your perfect fit and style.

Whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement with tortoise or titanium frames, or you prefer something more subtle to accentuate your features, our expert stylists can help you select the right eyewear. We’ll also make sure your eyeglasses are well-suited for your face shape, nose bridge and eyes to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

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Whether you want to make a bold first impression or sport a subtler look—eyeglasses give you endless options to change and redefine your style.From tortoise to titanium and rimless to rectangle, our eyeglass experts can help you find the best frame for your face shape,  fashion sense, and coloring. Are you ready to make statement?

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Frames shouldn’t be frumpy. We’ve been standing by that principle since the 1920’s. As a forward-thinking brand, we were the first optical retailer in New York City to offer fashion eyewear (take note, fashionistas!)—and today we’re still delivering on our mission to make people see better, look better, and feel better.

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Everybody’s face and eyes are unique. Have a low bridge? Have a narrow face? Have a wider PD (pupillary distance)? Cohen’s Fashion Optical’s licensed Opticians are experts at ensuring that your dream pair of fashion glasses don’t just look great, but fit great, as well. And, best of all, we’re there to ensure things fit for the lifetime of your eyewear, with complimentary Comfort & Fit Eyewear Check-ups (which include thorough cleaning, frame and temple alignment, screw tightening, and nose pad adjustment).

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Designer & Prescription

Sunglasses are more than just another accessory; they’re incredibly important for protecting your eyes against the sun’s harsh rays.
Stop into Cohen’s to discover a stylish, high-quality pair of prescription or non-prescription sunglasses to complete your look and provide 100% protection.

We have a variety of lenses to choose from to accommodate your specific needs and lifestyle. Looking for a durable pair that can stay put while you exercise? Have a specific designer in mind? Stop in today to find an array of styles and options.

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As such a versatile and flattering accessory, it’s easy to forget that sunglasses have a pivotal role in protecting your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. All of the prescription and non-prescription sunglasses offered at Cohen’s Fashion Optical are optical-quality and provide 100% protection from damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays.

It’s always been our mission at Cohen’s Fashion Optical to make sure you look great, while seeing even better. Every one of our stores stocks an impressive range of sunglass frames from world-class designers like Tom Ford, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Chloé and more.

When investing in high-quality sunglasses, there’s more to consider than just style. Do you spend a lot of time out on the water or in the snow? Do you wear contacts often? Are you an active person? There are many factors our expert technicians will consider in order to help you find the best pair for you. From polarized, to polycarbonate and beyond, our stores carry the latest styles and advanced lenses and coatings to best suit your lifestyle needs.


Acuvue, Alcon, and More

If you prefer contact lenses over glasses, we have you covered. We carry all the top contact brands, including Acuvue and CooperVision, with a wide range of types available, from daily disposables to cosmetic contact lenses that change your eye color.

To help you get the lenses that are right for you, our team of in-house specialists is available to offer personalized guidance.

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Need a break from wearing glasses? Tired of things fogging up, slipping off, or getting wet in the rain? Consider contact lenses. Our on-site Optometrists can provide you with a comprehensive eye exam to fit you with contact lenses that offer the best combination of vision correction and comfort. Cohen’s Fashion Optical stores carry all leading contact lens brands like Acuvue, Alcon, CooperVision, Bausch & Lomb and more, and we carry the following types of contact lenses to fit your needs:

  • Daily Disposables
  • Weekly Disposables
  • Monthly Disposables
  • Toric Lenses for Astigmatism
  • Fashion Color Contact Lenses
  • Bifocal & Multifocal Lenses

Come in for a contact lens fitting and comprehensive eye exam today.

Already have a prescription? Cohen’s can also fill any outside doctor’s contact lens prescription and accepts most vision plans.

Want to make your brown eyes blue? Looking for a new way to change your look? Consider cosmetic contact lenses. These type of contact lenses can transform your eye color on the fly. Available in a range of color intensities, you can choose to go with a subtler color change, or a more dramatic, opaque lens that will completely alter your shade.


Multifocals, Progressives, and More

Need something beyond the standard frame? Whether you have a stronger prescription or require lenses to accommodate both near and farsightedness, you’ll be able to find what you need without sacrificing style.

We have a large inventory of multifocals, progressives and more in stock and ready for you to try on.

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The most common type of lenses used today in glasses are single-vision. This just means that they correct for one focal point, with one prescription power throughout the entire lens—be it correcting for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Multifocal lenses are ones that correct for more than one field of vision, like bifocals, which have two lens powers, and progressives which have multiple focal points.

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The great thing about advanced lens technology is that you can do so much more with lenses now. Cohen’s Fashion Optical’s can give you a more streamlined look thanks to progressive and aspheric design lenses. Progressives deliver superior vision correction compared to bifocals and trifocals, because they more closely mimic natural vision and offer a more youthful “line-free” appearance in the lens itself. Aspheric lens designs can help with more challenging prescriptions that may otherwise create a more “beady-eyed” or “bug-eyed’ appearance due to increased minification or magnification. Ready to change up your lenses? Stop in to see one of our Optometrists today.