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Pediatric Eyecare

eye exams for children: what parents need to know

Eye Exams for Children: What Parents Need to Know

Crawling, walking, talking—all of your child’s firsts are thrilling, and usually occur after a lot of practice. A child’s eyesight also develops over time, as your child learns to focus, move their eyes accurately,…
Andrea Castagno

Kids’ Eyeglasses 101: What to Know Before You Buy

Ever since Harry Potter made kids’ eyeglasses cool, children have warmed up to wearing their specs. But parents still have the challenge of finding the right glasses for kids, and learning what’s important to…
Wendy Kagan
Is Blue Light Bad for Kids? What You Need to Know

Is Blue Light Bad for Kids? What You Need to Know

Let there be light. Just not blue light. The blue light emitted by our computers and digital devices is getting a bad rap these days, as some scientists have warned that exposure to blue…
Wendy Kagan

Kids’ Sunglasses – A Necessity, not a Fashionable Frill

Ahh…it’s finally summertime and for all the families out there, that means more fun in the sun and less bouncing of the walls.  My 3-year-old daughter thrives on Vitamin D and N (Nature) and…
Jordan Manfredi