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Contact Lenses

Contemplating Contacts? Focus on These 5 Useful Questions

Perhaps you’re considering contact lenses—whether it’s colored contacts that have caught your eye, or the convenience of extended wear contacts that attracts you. If you envision yourself in contact lenses, take a peek at…
Wendy Kagan

Contact Lenses: Choosing the Right Type

Need vision correction, but don’t want to wear glasses? If you’re thinking about contact lenses, you’re not alone. Many people choose contacts over glasses to improve their vision without altering their line of sight,…
Wendy Kagan

6 Things You Need to Know about Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are tiny plastic miracles: Pop them into your eye and voilà—the world is crystal clear. Soft and pliable, today’s contacts are more comfortable than ever. Best of all, new options for contact…

Change Your Eye Color with Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween or Every Day

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, a time when you can dress up like your alter ego, or be someone completely new! It’s a day (or weekend full of celebrations!) when you can…
Chrissie Wright