We accept most insurance and vision plans. Find your store and check your plan.

Taking care of your eyes is our top priority, which is why our stores accept most insurance and vision plans. If, however, you don’t see your vision plan listed, chances are we’ve got you covered. Learn more about Vision Insurance at Cohen’s Fashion Optical.

Find your nearest location and check their store page to see which vision plans they accept.

Use Your FSA & HSA Funds

Eye Exams

Our team of experienced Optometrists will perform an eye exam to help detect changes in vision, as well as other underlying health issues.

Prescription Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Need corrective lenses? Your signature style starts here. Our store locations carry hundreds of the latest designer frames. Find yours today.

Contact Lenses

Prefer to go frame-free? We carry a large selection of the most advanced contact lenses on the market. Stop in for a lens fitting and to see what’s best for you.

Flexible Spending Accounts

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a tax-advantaged savings account that allows you to save money tax-free for use toward common medical expenses. Your employer typically offers this type of savings plan and allows you to save money from your paycheck towards your FSA account.

FSA funds are eligible to cover the cost of most eye exams, eyeglasses, Rx sunglasses and contact lenses. But, don’t forget, most FSA accounts require that you use your funds saved either before the end of every year or the beginning of the following—so, be sure to check your plan and hurry over to your closest Cohen’s Fashion Optical store and schedule an eye exam.

Health Savings Accounts

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is also a tax-advantaged savings account that can be used to cover qualified medical expenses, such as eye exams, eyeglasses, Rx sunglasses and contact lenses. It’s similar to an FSA in that the money you contribute is pre-tax and the money you withdraw is also tax-free, but there are also some differences. In order to have an HSA, you need to be enrolled in a high-deductible health plan, and unlike an FSA, you can take your HSA with you if you change jobs and don’t need to use your funds by the end of every year.

Have savings in an HSA? Stop in for an eye exam and check out some of our latest designer frames.

Learn more about FSA & HSA accounts.