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Personal Style Guide

A Timeless Take on Men’s Trends

Few things in the world are as fleeting as fashion. One day your arsenal of Ed Hardy tees and Von Dutch trucker hats put you at the forefront of fashion, the next—you’re not even…
Andrew Miller

Eye Love You: V-Day Eyewear Roundup

Whether you're going out with your best friends or on the date of your dreams, why not dress up this Valentine's Day? We put together some our favorite "eye candy" that will help elevate…

Geek Chic Has Arrived

We’ve witnessed nerd culture invade our lives, from Silicon Valley innovations (Uber, Facebook, anyone?) to TV & film (hello Margot Tenenbaum and Stranger Things). Now, fashion joins the ranks. Gucci’s 2016 spring show officially…

Geek is Good

Hi, my name is Andrew and I’m a geek. While it took me years to figure this out, it’s a realization that I’m comfortable with now, because being a geek puts me in very…
Andrew Miller

New Year, New Look – Styles for 2017

Before spring has sprung and you can call your New Year’s resolution for your best beach body ever a success, you might need a little burst of fun and fashion to get you through…
Amy Spiezio

Men’s Holiday Fashion Focus

The holidays are coming! Few phrases strike as much fear into the hearts of so many as that one. These days, it seems that we hear this phrase as early as July 5th, when…
Andrew Miller

4 Classic Eyewear Styles and How To Wear Them

A white Oxford shirt, perfectly fitted khakis, and that just-right tote bag - they’re wardrobe staples. You’ll wear them dressed up and dressed down for years and years. And doesn’t it make sense that…
Amy Spiezio

Don’t Get Lost in the College Crowd – Find Your Style Identity, One Sunglass at a Time

I often find myself daydreaming about college- Thursday night outfit planning and afternoons talking about our far-off futures while eating soft serve. But I am usually whipped out of these long lost moments by…
Jordan Manfredi

Neighborhood Inspired Eyewear

I've worn glasses since I was 8 years old. I still remember going to the eye doctor and getting my first pair. There were so many to choose from! I would have spent hours…

Eden Wexler Q&A

For our interview series this week, we sat down with Eden Wexler, Director of Public Relations for Safilo USA and we got her inside scoop on how she started in the industry, her more than…