Through Your Father’s Eyes: A Tribute To Dad

June 16, 2016

When celebrating Father’s Day, it’s important to remember that a father’s love is a gift- he is a hero and a hand to hold. As an 89 year old, family owned business, Cohen’s Fashion Optical understands the importance of our household heroes. In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve asked our bloggers to share some of their favorite memories of their fathers and give us a view through their father’s eyes. Perhaps these will inspire your own beloved thoughts on Father’s Day about your dad.

My Dad Wasn’t Trendy – He Was Timeless.

By Andrew Miller

Celebrating Father’s Day, I like honoring my father who passed away a few years ago by remembering him like others who knew my dad: as a kindhearted, jovial man. He was a blue-collar guy, who changed his own oil, mowed his own lawn, and fixed things himself. Above all, my dad was decidedly old school. The hairstyle in his yearbook from the 50s stayed with him his entire life, as did his Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses. My dad wasn’t trendy – he was timeless. And this was the key to his style. While he probably didn’t know it at the time, he was instilling me a valuable life-lesson: Don’t look like a tool.

As the father of two boys, one of the simple things I do to see if I’m passing the “don’t look like a tool” test is ask myself the following question: Am I dressed like my 15 year-old? That’s not a knock on him (or 15 year olds); it’s just that middle-aged guys look silly in lacrosse shorts, high socks, and t-shirts with “Mr. Clutch” on the front. Same goes for overly-trendy men’s eyewear. I know better than to attempt the “giant plastic frames without lenses” designer eyeglasses look, made popular by Lebron James and teens with 20/20 eyesight. In terms of men’s sunglasses, I look at photos of my dad throughout the decades for inspiration and find that what worked for him, works for me, too: Wayfarer sunglasses and Aviator sunglasses. These men’s sunglasses look as good on me today as they did on my dad in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Just like my dad, they really are timeless.


“I Told You So” Satisfaction

By Wendy Kagan

My thoughts on Father’s Day remind me that my father has always seen things in the natural world that no one else can see. Frogs the color of leaves. Furtive coyotes. Tiny wild strawberries buried under grass. One day he was hard at work by the fishpond with a bucket, some concrete, and a long tree branch. “Dad, what are you doing?” I asked. “Oh, I’m making a kingfisher perch,” he said matter-of-factly, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I laughed. “How do you know a kingfisher will perch on it?” He smiled and shrugged as if to say, “You’ll see.” When he finished, the tree branch stood tall, anchored in the bucket of concrete, which he had sunk into a shallow end of the fishpond. And what do you know? Later that day we both looked—and there was a kingfisher sitting on my father’s newfangled perch, looking for his next catch. As if it was the most natural thing in the world. We both laughed this time—he with “I told you so” satisfaction, and me with utter bemusement and awe. Behind those metal-rimmed men’s glasses, what would he show me next?


Tears Of Joy + Tears Of Sadness

By Jordan Manfredi

My dad and I are kindred spirits-beauty hunters who adore nature, cool Ray-Ban designer sunglasses, great leather accessories, long talks, loud laughs and a life filled with indelible moments. One such moment involves a serendipitous situation, wild flowers and tears of joy – a perfect Father’s Day memory.
After my dad’s many mentions of his favorite places in the world- the Sierra Nevadas and Big Sur, my husband and I moved to California when the opportunity arose. While living in Marina del Rey, I had my daughter, Lily Love. We quickly learned that it truly does take a village to raise a baby and decided to move back home to NY in 2015. However, before leaving, we had to visit Big Sur and the giant trees. A phone call and a plane ride later, my dad was in CA and our family was driving up the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, ready for an adventure. Needless to say, it was an adventure of a lifetime-the trees, a full moon, the giant cliffs and booming ocean. Before we left Big Sur’s beauty behind, our B+B host showed us one of her paintings called “Lily Love” and somewhat magically recommended we take a short hike through Garrapata Beach. As we turned the corner around a dune, we came upon something sublime-wild calla lilies adorned a path straight out to the Pacific Ocean. We were in awe. Tears came to our eyes and as my dad always says, “tears of joy and tears of sadness are both the essence of life- embrace them, for this too shall pass.” Thank you Dad for giving me the gift of an open heart. I love you.


He Still Looks Badass

By Chrissie Wright

As I think about celebrating Father’s Day, what can I say about my dad? He’s the strongest man I know, in every sense of the word. His quiet demeanor can mistake him for being aloof, but those who know him understand that his silence can speak a thousand words. I’ve spent many evenings sitting with my father, just reading or watching TV that meant the world to me just because I felt so safe and comfortable in his presence.
One of my favorite photos of my dad was taken many years ago when he was a young father in his 20s. He was standing on the beach with my mom on his shoulders, wearing a badass pair of black shades and a bad boy grin. This photo epitomized his strength (and def showcased his cool factor!) At that time, my dad didn’t wear prescription glasses. Fast forward many years (and unfortunate macular degeneration), I recently went to my parents’ house and found my dad sitting on the back patio, wearing a pair of Ray Ban designer sunglasses. It was his first pair of prescription sunglasses. After years providing my sisters and I with whatever we needed (and, you know, girls need a lot of “stuff”), he finally went and got something he needed and so righteously deserved.

He still looks badass. I love you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day.

Have a fond memory of your father that’d you’d like to add to these Father’s Day memories? Please do so in our thoughts of Father’s Day comments section and/or on our Facebook page at @cohensoptical. Looking for the perfect gift for your perfect dad? Stop by your local Cohen’s Fashion Optical to shop for men’s sunglasses and prescription eyeglass frame styles that are just as unique as your dad. From our family to yours, Happy Father’s Day!