The Optometrist is In

Amy Spiezio
May 19, 2016

A stop in the Cohen’s Fashion Optical in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., will get you more than just a walk through a neighborhood filled with cool brownstones and awesome views. You’ll discover a local eye care source you can trust.

We chatted with optometrist Dr Mina Kim to get some pointers on how to see clearly now and in the future with the right eye care.

Dr. Kim blends medicine and fashion and invites patients to let her help take care of their eyes. If you’re in the neighborhood and seeking an eye doctor who can do eye exams and eye tests, as well as treatment of general eye problems to providing eyeglasses, contact lenses and a pair of cool sunglasses, you can get them in a setting that makes you feel like part of the family.

Nobody’s Perfect

Of course you’re perfect. Well, you might not be-visionwise! People need eye exams, even if it seems like their vision is trouble free. I come across a lot of people who aren’t drivers and might not realize they don’t see so well. Or some who have worn drug store glasses for years and think they see great who say, “I see fine with my reading glasses, I didn’t think I needed an eye exam.” Everyone needs an eye exam.

Get Checked Out

An eye exam goes beyond making sure you can read the newspaper or watch a movie in comfort. It’s like doing an update on your computer. In order to maintain your good vision you have to make sure the mechanics of your eyes’ different parts are in good condition, healthy, and functioning. And we keep it that way with vision tests!

We educate patients about eye problems like cataracts, about protection, regular glaucoma testing, checking the retina, things like that.

Did Your Grandma Have Glaucoma?

You got your granny’s awesome eyelashes…and you may have her optical issues, too. Some vision conditions, such as glaucoma, are hereditary, so I think it’s important for everybody to be screened. Having an eye exam doesn’t take a lot of time and it can be a fun thing!

Tech with a Personal Touch

When you go to an optometrist’s office, it’s not like some app or website-based screening. You’re getting the best high tech tools AND you’re also getting high quality personal care. In my practice, we have two eye exam rooms, and we also have a pre-test room with a tech. What might a typical eye test look like? Great question:

  • First, you see the tech and they’ll ask you some questions and take a history about any previous eye problems before the vision test.
  • Then you’ll see the optometrist for your full eye exam to determine any prescription for eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses.
  • Finally, if you need eyeglasses, you’ll work with one of our eyestylists to ensure your eye glass frames will not only help you see better but make you look better too. And don’t forget to ask about prescription sunglasses to help protect your eyes.

Contrary to belief, there isn’t a lot of sitting around and waiting!

Time to Shop

Want contact lenses? No problem! It used to be that eye care professionals tried to limit time in contact lenses, but now thanks to the latest technology, you can wear contact lenses for 14 to 16 hours per day while keeping your eyewear healthy.
And that’s not just for simple contact lens prescriptions. I can fit more complex cases, too, like multi-focal modified torics and other modalities.

How about eyeglass frames? Geek chic, retro chic, or just plain chic? Stock up on your eyeglasses with our help. Come in and have a conversation with our eyestylist—she has optical knowledge and can help you build an eyewear wardrobe that also includes prescription sunglasses.

We have something for everyone, including scuba goggles, sports protective eyewear, and over-eyewear sunglasses. And if we don’t have the eyewear frames, we know where to eyeglasses- we guarantee it.