Men’s Holiday Fashion Focus

Andrew Miller
December 8, 2016

The holidays are coming!
Few phrases strike as much fear into the hearts of so many as that one. These days, it seems that we hear this phrase as early as July 5th, when big box retailers declare that summer is officially over and everything in the store must scream “holidays” (in a politically correct, not-at-all-tacky way, of course).
For many, the holidays are about parties. Family parties, office parties, cocktail parties, kids’ parties, ugly sweater parties, and so on. In my mind, there are two kinds of people out there: Those who absolutely adore everything about holiday parties; and normal people.

I fall into the latter category. I do my best to stay away from holiday parties, but if life dictates that I need to show up and spread a little yuletide cheer, I’ll do my best. Sometimes, I’ll even wear something red, which brings me (somewhat awkwardly) to Lafont’s Pixel 658 frames. Why these frames? I point to these frames because not only are they available in red—a subtle red that doesn’t scream, “Look at me; I’m filled with holiday cheer!” They’re a sophisticated red that you can wear any time of the year (not just at holiday parties you’re forced to attend).

For me, this time of year also means that I’ll soon get a note from the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) folks reminding me that I once again overestimated just how many pre-tax dollars I would need to spend on Band-Aids. While I could rush out to CVS and buy a year’s supply of lip balm, aspirin, and heating pads to catch up; I will often opt to give myself a unique holiday gift, like new designer glasses.

Whether you’re interested in designer eyewear that makes a statement like the Tom N.9 from Tom Ford, or the Dolce & Gabbana DG3225; or something more subtle, like the PO3167V from Persol’s Calligrapher Collection or Versace’s VE1232, there are plenty of affordable eyeglasses for you to spend that extra FSA money at Cohen’s Fashion Optical.

While you’re at Cohen’s this holiday season, why not find refuge from the onslaught of crazed consumers and do some holiday shopping for trendy holiday gifts or unique stocking stuffers? Cohen’s has an amazing array of sunglasses for everyone on your list.

While most people think of summer as the time for suns, a good pair of polarized suns is a “must have” when then streets receive a fresh coating of bright, white snow (they also work ten minutes after the snow has fallen and retains all the aesthetic beauty of cookies and cream ice cream).


A great holiday gift or stocking stuffer (depending on how much you like the person) in the world of sunglasses is the Ray Ban “Justin Classic” sunglass. It features a rubberized frame that makes it easy to handle when you literally can’t feel your fingers. They come with the all-important polarized lenses and are a tad over-sized (but not so much so that look like those annoying “2017” frames you’ll be seeing on New Year’s Eve).

Another great gift idea is for the athlete in your life–Nike’s “Ignition” sunglasses. They are multi-sport frames with over-sized lenses, which will give the wearer an unobstructed view of the snowball the neighbor’s kid just launched his or her way. Children are great that way.

*Not all styles available in all locations. Visit you local store for more information.