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Making Sense of Summer Sports Specs

Andrew Miller
July 21, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Sport Sunglasses - Golf

One of the best things about summer is that you can do so much more outside – and it’s important to always have the right men’s eyewear, whether it’s the best sunglasses for men or prescription sports glasses. While I’m not averse to hibernating in winter and binge watching TV, I find great comfort in being able to go outside in the summer and do stuff (or even just look like I’m going outside to do stuff).

Whether hitting a bike trail with my kids; attempting to throw a lacrosse ball so it doesn’t go directly into the ground (“Your release is terrible, Dad”), or just cheering them on, a lot of the “stuff” I do outside involves sports. One thing I’ve noticed is the wide range of sport glasses and sport sunglasses both on and off the fields of play.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Sport Sunglasses - Cyclists

Athletes have it much better today. There are scores (pardon the pun) of sports sunglasses and sports glasses available for every athlete–from golfers, to cyclists, to baseball players, to guys like me on the sidelines. When you’re shopping for men’s glasses for sports, it’s just as important to consider why you’re buying them, as it is what you’re buying.

For example, I do a lot of fishing, so men’s eyeglasses with polarized lenses are a must for me. However, since I’m not going into hand-to-hand combat with the fish, I don’t necessarily need the kinds of shatterproof lenses that a baseball player might want. Similarly, a baseball player shouldn’t be concerned if his glasses come in a tortoise finish that will also look good in the Hamptons.


Cohens Fashion Optical - Sport Sunglasses - Fisherman

Fortunately, the folks at Cohen’s Fashion Optical know their products inside and out and can set you up with eyeglass frames for men with the features you need (and steer you away from add-ons you don’t).

A great brand in sports eyewear is Nike. Watch the Olympics this summer and you’ll see that they have a hand (or foot) in almost every sporting activity known to mankind (I think fishing is still a Nike-free zone). Nike Vision offers both performance eyeglass frames for serious athletes who like sport glasses that feature specialized non-slip nose pads, lightweight materials, and interchangeable lenses, as well as lifestyle eyeglass frames that transition easily from the field of play to the sidelines.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Sport Sunglasses - NikeNike EV0914 Sport Sunglasses


Among the best sunglasses for men like me are offerings from Oakley and Maui Jim, two of the countless brands of men’s eyewear you’ll find at Cohen’s. Both do a great job of crafting glasses for men that look good both in the field of play and on the sidelines. Feature-rich Oakley nonprescription and prescription sports glasses skew more toward serious athletes, with lots of performance features, while Maui Jim sport glasses are geared more toward guys who will only occasionally enter the field of play.
If you’re not sure which side of the athlete/spectator fence you belong on, let Cohen’s help you find the ideal sport glasses and sunglasses. Like sports, some things in life are better left to the pros.