Form + Function: How the Right Mix of Features Can Make Great-Looking Glasses Go Farther

Andrew Miller
August 25, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Form & Function - Andrew Miller
A few summers ago, I decided to go for a bike ride with my boys on a wooded trail that was about 15 miles long in each direction. Certainly not the Tour de France, but a decent clip for a team comprised of a dad and two kids. We set out right after dinner to avoid the heat, and with sun still shining brightly, I wore my favorite designer glasses–a pair of prescription wayfarer sunglasses. While the sunglasses worked great at first, on the return trip the sun had set and it became too dark for sunglasses. Since sunglasses are useless men’s eyewear at night (apologies to Corey Hart), I couldn’t see the trail and I had to finish the ride on foot, walking my bike down the path as my two sons taunted me relentlessly.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Form & Function - Andrew Miller

The two lessons I learned from this experience are:

  1.  Kids are evil and should not be trusted and
  2.  You should always have the right men’s eyewear for the job.

This is not to say that all kids are bad or that bicycle rides require a backpack full of prescription glasses; but if you are well-prepared for life’s adventures, you can enjoy them a lot more and hear the wicked laughter of children less.

When it comes to men’s eyewear there is no shortage of eyewear trends out there, offering everything from sports-specific glasses to fashion eyewear. The right mix of trendy frames and features can do wonders for you. In my situation, a simple pair of sports glasses with photochromic lenses would have saved the day. These eyewear lenses (best known by the brand name “Transitions”) appear clear indoors (and at night) and darken accordingly when exposed to sunlight. Photochromic lenses can be fitted to just about any pair glasses in style (not just sports glasses) and Cohen’s Fashion Optical can help you choose from popular glasses brands that deliver the perfect combination of form and functionality.

While the aforementioned wayfarer designer sunglasses are still among my favorites when it comes to trendy eyeglasses, they are a poor choice for running, too. That’s because once the sunglasses get bounced from your head during your morning run, the eyewear will undoubtedly become a virtual banana peel under your feet. A better choice is a lightweight in-style frame that “hugs” your face, like the Nike “Tailwind” designer glasses, which won’t get jostled with each step you take. They feature Nike’s “secure-wrap” eyewear temples for stability and comfort and their lenses deliver clarity at every angle.

It’s ironic that most guys who wear sports glasses don’t use them to their full potential (the same way Jeep owners rarely drive their SUVs though the woods). Take a pair of Oakley “Flak Jacket” wrap-around sunglasses, for example. The trendy sunglasses feature ear socks and nose pads made from a proprietary material that resists perspiration. For this reason, SWAT teams, police officers, often favor the popular glasses and of course, guys standing behind hot Weber grills.

If you’re considering new eyeglasses that do more than just correct your vision, remember, there are many lenses and treatments you can add to sports glasses (or any in-style glasses for that matter). Whether you’re looking for anti-reflective coatings that reduce eyestrain or polarized lenses that block light rays from your eyes, your local Cohen’s Fashion Optical can help you find the right designer glasses and sunglasses for the job.