Fashion Bomb Daily shows you how to get the most out of spring eyewear styles

March 29, 2016


So I recently stopped by Cohen’s Fashion Optical to peruse their eyewear and sunglasses, and to learn more about their fabulous designer eyewear offerings. Since I live in Brooklyn, it was easy for me to pop by their optical location on Montague Street and see what they had in store.

When I got to the optical store, I consulted with their team, including franchise owner and optometrist Dr. Mina Kim. They were super friendly and open to offering loads of great advice on what would work best for my face and lifestyle.

Full disclosure: I am as blind as a bat! My eyeglass prescription is -10.5 on both eyes, which translates into coke bottle eyeglasses that are generally the opposite of cute when it comes to specs.

I worked closely with Dr. Kim and her team to find out which eyeglass frames they think would work best for my face. They informed me that because I have an oval face, I could get away with a lot of the styles: Angular eyeglass styles would give me more of a fierce and glam aura, while cat eyes were more casual. If I wanted something that could conceal the ‘coke bottle’ moment, I should go for rounder frames.

So I then began my quest for some Bomb eyewear, and needless to say, I had a lot of fun testing out all these styles & trying on the various designer frames:

These angular Fendi eyeglass frames were fun and fierce! The blue accents and crystal tips were unexpected touches. Though quirky and different, I think these could work with a wide range of wardrobe options, and they’ll stand out as a bold yet alluring flourish.

The store’s designer collection truly had a ton of chic options that I simply adored. I was a super fan of the Tom Ford collection. I felt that the subtlety of these frames make them dope for everyday wear.

I normally wouldn’t pluck anything pink, but these glasses were hot! They were feminine and flirty, and honestly, most of my friends were fans of these. The pastel hue is on point for Spring and can coordinate well with all the fresh, vibrant outfits I plan to wear in the upcoming months.
Miu Miu stole my heart with their roomy, yet stylish options. And especially because I was told these would be the best frames for my strong prescription. The square design also works well for my oval face, and the darker tone reads scholarly and smart.

My absolute fave? These tortoise shell stunners by Miu Miu eyeglasses. Not only are they the right shape for my face, but they worked the best for my hair and skin tone, and offer a classic feel that transcends all seasons.

I was pleased with that news! And I was pleased to find out that everything was so affordable and within my budget – I know I’ll be popping back in there in the future to see any new selections I can add to my collection!

And good news for you – There are over 130 franchise stores in the US, so head to to find a Cohen’s near you and try on the designer brands that work best for you!

Which pair was your favorite?