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Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Why get an eye exam?

As the premier eyewear destination, Cohen’s Fashion Optical is dedicated to you and your vision needs. Utilizing the latest in diagnostic tools, our team of highly qualified, on-site optometrists performs comprehensive eye exams to find the right prescription for you, and our eyewear specialists will guide you throughout the selection process, providing expert eyewear solutions. To schedule an eye exam, find a location nearest you.

Eye exams for glasses

Your glasses say a lot about you, and as New York’s original fashion eyewear retailer, Cohen’s wants to ensure your glasses are the first thing people notice when you enter the room. That’s why we’ve procured 20 of the top designer brands – available in-store at each Cohen’s location. Peruse eyeglasses and sunglasses from PradaGucciRay-BanLacoste and other leading luxury brands, and select eyewear that best complements your own personal wardrobe.

Eye exams for contact lenses

To suit your lifestyle and vision needs, Cohen’s also provides expert eye exams for contact lens prescriptions. Whether you prefer a natural look or wish to play up your eye color, we offer a full range of contact lens solutions, which include daily, weekly and monthly disposables, color and enhancing contact lenses, bifocal and multifocal lenses and more. Choose from Acuvue, Alcon, Clear Soft and most other national contact lens brands.

Importance of routine eye exams

Regardless of age, regular eye exams play an important role in overall health and wellness. For children, routine comprehensive screenings starting at 6 months of age can aid in on-pace learning and development. Adults, on the other hand, should have comprehensive eye exams to keep prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses current. Regular screenings also aid in early detection of eye health issues, as well as other chronic systemic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eye exam frequency

While everyone should have regular eye exams, the frequency depends on two factors: patient age and risk. The American Optometric Association recommends the following eye exam guidelines for no-risk pediatric and adult patients:

Age Frequency
Birth – 24 Months At 6 months of age
2 – 5 Years At 3 years of age
6 – 18 Years Before first grade and then every two years
18 – 60 Years Every one to two years
61 Years and Older Annually

Those at risk for eye and vision problems – including people with diabetes, hypertension, a family history of ocular disease and other health concerns – should have eye exams more frequently, as recommended by their optometrist.

What to expect

When you visit Cohen’s for an eye exam, our on-site eye doctor will test your vision and your eye health, offering the finest in eye care. During your appointment, you’ll have the chance to consult with your optometrist about your prescription and ask any questions concerning your eye health. Then, one of our eyewear specialists will walk you through your options and help you pick a solution that accommodates your unique vision needs.

Eye exams from cohen’s fashion optical

At Cohen’s Fashion Optical, we’re proud to offer premier eye exams at more than 100 locations, from Miami to Manhattan. Find a Cohen’s near you, and schedule an eye exam to get started.