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Eye Health FAQs

Optometry FAQs: Your top eye health questions answered

Cohen’s Fashion Optical has worked to help our customers maintain their eye health for decades with expert care. If you’re still new to the world of vision care, however, you may have questions concerning exams and common eye conditions. We’ve answered a few key eye health questions to provide quick information ahead of your next appointment.

Who needs an eye exam, and how often are exams necessary?

Everyone needs eye exams. Regular exams are fundamental to the long-term health of your eyes, even if you believe you have perfect vision, because they may allow your doctor to identify potentially troublesome eye conditions before they become more serious.
Most individuals should receive their first eye exam at 6 months, age 3 and then before entering the first grade, with regular exams every two years after. However, those at greater risk for eye and vision problems should have exams at a frequency recommended by their optometrist.

What happens during an exam?

During the typical eye exam, an optometrist will test your vision and look for a variety of health issues. These issues may include eye-specific conditions – including cataracts and glaucoma – as well as other diseases, such as diabetes. Afterward, you’ll receive a prescription and any further instruction necessary.

Why are my eyes dry?

Dry eyes are a common eye issue with many causes. The condition is especially common if you’re older than 50, have had laser eye surgery, are a post-menopausal woman or have a range of medical conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, lupus or thyroid disorders. Other causes can include long periods of outdoor work or exposure to computer screens. If you’re experiencing frequent or lasting irritation, it’s important to discuss dry eyes with your optometrist.

Why is ultraviolet (UV) protection important?

Exposure to ultraviolet light can deliver serious eye damage, potentially leading to several long-term eye health conditions, such as cataracts or macular degeneration. Keeping such conditions at bay is simple with the variety of high-quality sunglasses available at your nearby Cohen’s Fashion Optical location.

What do I do if I scratch my eye?

If you believe you may have scratched your eye, you could be at risk for a corneal abrasion. These sometimes require expert care and/or prescription medication. Consult your doctor as soon as possible.

What is…

One of the most common eye conditions, presbyopia refers to a natural type of farsightedness that often accompanies age. Solutions often include progressive lenses or reading glasses.

A cataract refers to the clouding of the lens, a portion of the eye behind the iris and pupil. Cataracts may lead to vision loss, and they’re the world’s most common cause of blindness.

Macular Degeneration
Another common cause of vision loss, macular degeneration entails the deterioration of the macula – a small, central portion of the retina. Signs can include distorted vision or shadowy areas.

Consult an Expert at Cohen’s Fashion Optical

Each Cohen’s Fashion Optical location is staffed with a dedicated team of on-site optometrists and eyewear specialists, which allows us to provide the answers you need, whether you’re seeking information concerning luxury eyeglasses or common eye conditions. To learn more about eye health, schedule an exam with Cohen’s at a location near you.