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Swarovski Eyewear


In 1885, Daniel Swarovski had a vision—he wanted to use crystal and his exceptional glass cutting techniques to create a diamond for everyone. For over a century, Swarovski has remained a family-owned and run company and still designs dazzling jewelry, home goods, accessories and more. The Swarovski optical collections, including both sunglasses and eyeglasses for women, are perfect combinations of modern femininity and classic shapes and designs.

SWAROVSKI GLASSES at Cohen’s Fashion Optical

Situated among frames from several of the world’s most renowned fashion brands, Swarovski luxury glasses are available at Cohen’s Fashion Optical.

Take advantage of our seasoned on-site optometrists by scheduling an appointment at a Cohen’s near you, and then browse our collection of frames to complete your look with eyeglasses and sunglasses that complement your individual sense of style.