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Summer Life Hacks From A Working Mom’s Perspective

Jordan Manfredi
August 4, 2016

I am a mom, wifey and business owner in search of the best summer life hacks. Like any other busy mom, I barely have time to shower, let alone switch that load of laundry from the washer to the dryer. At the height of summer, my weather app dictates my days and whether or not I’m finding a cool indoor activity for my 2-year-old daughter or texting friends and family who have pools. “Hi there, it’s been too long. I miss you. Wanna have a pool date?”

My daughter and I out and about in the beautiful weather!


Juggling family, work and friends is the spice of life but finding life hacks that make life easier is like a cocktail being handed to you on Friday night.  Some of my favorite summer mom life hacks include:

  • Exercise life hacks: Finding a gym with a day care. I can work out, de-stress and my little one can socialize and run around. Talk about a win/win/win.
  • Bedtime life hacks: Checking out what your local library has to offer. Most have fun (and free) classes for kids. Not to mention having a new book to read somehow decreases the amount of “nos” when it comes to getting your little one to bed.
  • Ultimate summer life hacks: Going to the beach at sunset with friends- it’s finally cool at the beach and if you go with other mamas, you’ll have enough eyeballs on the kids to finally enjoy a glass on wine (you’re welcome).
  • Mom life hacks better in twos: Having 2 of everything. Toys, water bottles, clothes, hair ties, and yes- sunglasses. I don’t know about you, but my little one has an unusual affinity for pulling off my sunglasses and chucking them to the floor, as if the sunglasses have caused her a great injustice.

With cracked sunglasses on the mind, it’s good to know that your local Cohen’s Fashion Optical is happy to offer minor repairs, such as replacement of screws or nose pads, at no cost.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Summer Life Hacks - Working Moms
PLUS- Cohen’s just so happens to be a 1-stop shop. Kinda like a drive through Dunkin Donuts but for your eyes. You can get an eye exam and have a new pair of prescription eyewear and/or designer sunglasses made in less time than a trip to the supermarket. Now that is a life hack!

They also offer lots of eye exam coupons for the whole family and accept most insurance. I especially love their wide variety of designer eyewear brands and price points that can keep up with your ever-evolving mom status. I.e.- oversized sunglasses for new moms to hide those circles under your eyes and less-expensive sunglasses for those “I’m gonna toss everything” toddler years.
So pack your busy bag with some cheerios and sticker books and head to Cohen’s for that 2nd pair of designer frames. Because, mama, you’re worth it.