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7 Rules for Perfect-Fitting Eyeglasses

Glasses that fit like a glove, feel light as air, and flatter your face perfectly must cost a fortune, right? Think again! With our easy guidelines, you can walk out of the store with a pair of ready-to-wear specs that flatter and fit so well, they’ll look as if they were made for you, without the hefty custom price tag!

  1. Claim center stage. Look for eyeglass frames that place your pupils at the precise center of the lenses. Whether you prefer the bold Clubmaster® look or modern, thin wire frames with a barely-there bridge, positioning your pupils correctly will assure the most comfortable, effectively corrected point of view. Your optician, who will measure your Pupillary Distance (PD), can help you choose the right style for your face.
  2. How low can you go? Opt for frames that end above the apples of your cheeks. That way, when you giggle or grin, the frames won't shift out of alignment for correct vision, or fall off of your face altogether!
  3. Let your brows wow. Choose eyeglass frames that expose your brow bone and eyebrows to create a light, open appearance. However, if you find a pair of dark sunglasses that obscure your brows, you needn't be shy; they'll just add to your air of mystery.
  4. Mind the gap. Select eyeglass frames that sit snugly yet comfortably, at the top of your nose. Seek out glasses with cushy, adjustable nose pads or versatile keyhole bridges to guarantee an almost-custom fit.
  5. Turn back the clock. Want to look instantly younger? Choose the right eyeglasses! Specific styles can offer flattering benefits that can partially camouflage some of the signs of aging. Cat-eye frames, for example, may hide crow's feet if they extend out past the brow bone, and their upturned corners provide an instant facelift, while oversized frames can add fullness to cheekbones that may not be as high or plump as they used to be. Frames in lighter colorations can also give your look a youthful makeover.
  6. Meet your match. Coordinating your frames with your eye color, hair color, and skin tone can create a signature look that gives the appearance of glasses that were tailor-made for you. Team fair hair or golden skin with gold metal or light tortoise frames, for instance; or complement dark hair or eyes with bronze metal or wood frames.
  7. Your nose really knows. If you have a wider or flatter nose, you're in luck: some eyewear designers are already catering to your needs – you just have to know what to look for. Seek out "specialty fit" or "XL" collections, and aim for specs that sit very high up on the bridge of the nose to flatter your features – and elevate your style profile.

But the most important specs shopping rule is: suit yourself. Look for frames that fit your unique personality and style. Eccentric but not flashy? Sophisticated yet whimsical? Cohen's Fashion Optical has your style.