The Latest Winter Trends for Eyewear

January 7, 2020

From scarves and mittens to boots and heavy-duty coats, winter is a time when it can be hard to sacrifice warmth and comfort for being the most fashionable person on the block. But during the chilliest months of the year, the right pair of eyewear can pull together any outfit and make people wonder how you’ve managed to look so put together amid ice and snow. Here, Cohen’s Fashion Optical breaks down the latest eyewear trends for this winter.

Yellow Lenses

The color yellow evokes feelings of happiness and is reminiscent of the warm summer sun. And that could very well be the reason why yellow lenses are currently trending in the eyewear scene this winter. Whether you’re walking the dog during a foggy morning or typing away at your desk, these lenses are not only stylish but they also provide improved eye health. For instance, they can enhance contrast, improve depth perception, and filter the harmful blue light radiating from computer screens.

Best suited for individuals with warm skin undertones, yellow lenses are available from an array of designer brands at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. Whether you prefer Fendi rimless frames or new-age metal frames by Gucci, our eyewear collection features options for every budget, allowing you to feel good about taking advantage of this trend this winter.

Futuristic Shapes and Designs

When it comes to lenses and frames, previous geometry trends have given way to futuristic shapes and designs that will help you stand out more than ever before. Inspired by hexagons, octagons, and more, these new shapes feature multidimensional characteristics, such as a rounded outer rim, square inner frame, and right angles above the nose. With some frames even dusted in gold, these unique designs will make you look and feel like you’ve been shopping in the next millennium.

Lens and frame shapes aside, another trend to be aware of this winter involves the position of the bridge. Normally falling across the nose, frame bridges are now being placed as high as possible – in the same spot you’d find a top bar on some styles. At Cohen’s Fashion Optical, you can try on these unique frames for yourself, as we carry such styles by Michael Kors, GUCCI, and other well-known designer brands.

All about Sunglasses

Arguably the biggest eyewear trend of the winter relates to sunglasses. And while this may seem counterintuitive, they offer vital protection on both sunny and cloudy days from the sun’s ultraviolet rays – especially when reflecting off of snow. There are currently two distinct styles of sunglasses making waves across the fashion industry, with one being oversized frames coupled with square, round, and angled lenses.

The other side of the winter sunglass trend involves tiny, skinny black lenses and frames. But not just any black lenses will fit this trend, as they must be completely opaque and not show a trace of your eyes. Square, oval, and cat-eye frames are just a few of the options available at Cohen’s Fashion Optical that are sure to complete this look.

Stay on Trend with Cohen’s

Whether you’re after a fierce look on the ski slopes or want to look your best any day of the week, you can bring home all of the latest winter eyewear trends by shopping at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. With many of the best designer brands in stock and budget-friendly options for the entire family, you can rock your prescription lenses or everyday eyeglasses in style. For more information, schedule an appointment at your nearest Cohen’s Fashion Optical location today.