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The E-Harmony of Eyewear – Let Us Find You the Perfect Match

Chrissie Wright
April 7, 2016

Cohen's Fashion Optical - E-Harmony of Eyewear


How do you go about choosing eyeglass frames that look best on your face? It’s in the shape: your face shape. Which of these Eyecons from the Cohen’s Collective Collection is the closest match to your face shape?

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Eyecons

Choose the Eyecon with a face shape most like your own, then follow it below to discover the perfect glasses for your face shape!


You have a narrow forehead and jaw line and wider cheekbones.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Eyecon 8

Best glasses for an oval face:

Just about any eyeglass frame looks great on your face! Choose one that will emphasize your best facial features. Sexy cat eye glasses will help define your cheekbones, and bold, oversized frames compliment your overall shape. Get creative with daring colors like shiny metallics, lemon yellow and red, or styles with gemstone and animal print accents.


Square: Your face is square if you have sharp, angular features and your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are the same width.

Tortoise Wayfarer - Cohen's Fashion Optical


Your face is square if you have sharp, angular features and your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are the same width.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Eyecon 14

Best glasses for a square face:

Round frame glasses and oval shaped glasses will help soften the sharpness. Today’s popular, boho-inspired thin wire framed glasses, or oval eyeglasses in tortoise, pretty pastels, and pop colors that complement your eyes, will help draw attention to your peepers.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Crystal Square Colored Temple


Your face is round if it has softer angles and your cheekbones are wider than your forehead and jaw line.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Eyecon 25

Best glasses for a round face:

It’s hip to be square: narrow, angular eyeglass frames will add definition and structure to your face. A classic, square shaped frame with bold, uplifting corners will play up your cheekbones. Today’s popular geometric shaped frames have angles in all the right places, defining and lengthening the look of your face. Add extra definition with a colorful tortoise, rich horn or patterned style.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Round Plastic Sunglasses


Your face is widest at the forehead, and narrows to your jaw line.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Eyecon 25

Best glasses for a heart shaped face:

A classic square eyeglass frame is where the heart is. Choose a style that’s wider on top than your forehead. Even better: go for one today’s popular crystal clear or transparent eyeglass frames with colorful arms. Round shapes, seen everywhere this year in both optical and sunglasses, are great frames to help balance your features and draw attention away from your chin.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Bold CatEye Oval Blue Eyeglasses


Your face is triangular if it is narrower at your forehead and widest at your jaw line.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Eyecon 1

Best glasses for a triangle shaped face:

Wider styles like the ever-popular cat eye frame will help accentuate your cheekbones. Get adventurous! Go for bold, colorful styles with lots of accents and textures near the browline.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Wire frame eye glasses

From basic to bold, and demure to “notice me” styles, eyeglasses are one of the today’s biggest fashion accessories. With so many fashion and designer eyeglasses styles to choose from, Cohen’s Fashion Optical has the best glasses for every face shape. Visit one of our locations today; our team of eyecare professionals is ready to help you find the right frame for your face. You’ll not only look good, you’ll see better, too.