Sunglass Styling with MY STYLE PILL

June 14, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Featured - Jane Larkworthy

For those of you that know me personally, know that I have a deep love for sunglasses. In the past I think I wore them more out of necessity because my eyes are light and pretty sensitive to sunlight, but my true obsession came on about ten years ago, right around the time I started working for myself. Maybe it was because I was outside more and the need to wear sunglasses was more prevalent, who knows. All I know now is that I feel naked if I leave the house without a pair!

Although I don’t wear eyeglasses (fingers crossed my 20/20 vision keeps up), I was excited when Cohen’s Fashion Optical approached me about the idea of sharing my ideas on how to integrate different styles for different occasions. Below, I created three outfits around three pairs of sunnies that I selected from the store on Greenwich Ave.
Now let’s get on with the outfits and sunglasses that I styled!

What to wear to work:

Cohens Fashion Optical - Work Stlye - RALPH by Ralph Lauren Sunglasses - Jane Larkworthy

These RALPH by Ralph Lauren sunglasses are a classically oversized style that exudes professionalism. I paired them with a swingy shift dress, matching heels and added a trench vest for an accent layer. A pair of these polished sunnies are the perfect accessory that will scream “GIRL BOSS” the moment you walk into work.

What to wear to lunch:

Cohens Fashion Optical - Lunch Style - Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Jane Larkworthy

The next time you head to lunch with friends on a Saturday afternoon, channel a little bit of boho chic with these stylin’ Ray-Bans. Because this style is a bit more fashion-forward, keep the rest of your outfit simple by wearing classic pieces like denim, no-fuss sandals and do as I do…keep the focus on the accessories!


What to wear to a wedding:

Cohens Fashion Optical - Wedding Style - Pucci Sunglasses - Jane Larkworthy

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, and it’s becoming wedding season, many ceremonies are held outside…in the sun. If you’re like me, you’ll need something to protect your eyes and minimize squinting, which will also help you see the bride and groom better! These pretty Pucci sunglasses are equal parts girly and elegant, and are sure to match any dress you wear, making you look tasteful yet glamorous.

~ Christine Cameron @ My Style Pill