Summer Eyewear Trends to Try in 2019

June 12, 2019
With longer days, gorgeous weather and holiday celebrations to look forward to, there’s no better time of year to brush up on the latest trends in eyewear than summer. Whether you require prescription lenses or just want to spice up your look, there are many styles available at Cohen’s Fashion Optical to keep you fashion forward, both indoors and out. Here’s a breakdown of what’s currently trending.

Transparent Frames

Just as clear handbags, shoes and other accessories have made waves in the fashion industry in recent years, clear frame eyeglasses are now joining the trend of transparency. In fact, with their elegant design, clear frames are currently touted as one of the top trends for both men and women this summer. Versatile enough to match any outfit in your wardrobe, clear frames will not only complement your ensemble, but also complete your look with a sleek, modern aesthetic that’s easy to pair with other accessories.



Floral Frames

From designs inspired by roses and lilacs to daisies and sunflowers, these stylish yet sophisticated frames are ideal for the office, date night or any time you want to demand attention. They range from bright and colorful to subtle and nude to complement an outfit for any occasion. In addition, floral frames can be found in an array of shapes and sizes to perfectly fit anyone’s face. Dress them down with jeans and sneakers or make them shine with a dress and pair of matching heels.


Image by Chloe

Image by Amy Roiland / @afashionnerd on Instagram

Metal Wire Frames

Now more than ever, individuality is celebrated when it comes to fashion. As the same holds true for eyeglasses, one of the newest trends on the market involves metal wire frames. Ideal for both men and women, the most popular color choices include gold, silver, black and red. And they’re not limited to one shape, either, as metal wire frames are being seen in the following variations:






Cat eye

And more!

Shield Sunglasses

With a futuristic look, oversized shield sunglasses are all the rage in 2019. Compared to bi-framed sunglasses, these frames are made with a continuous piece of protective material, covering the eyes and bridge of the nose without two separate lenses. While they are available in many different sizes, bigger is better when it comes to this summertime trend.

Image by Gucci


Image by Kering Eyewear


From runway models to amateur fashionistas, just about anyone can try on the shield look and reap the benefits. Beyond their good looks and sporty, aerodynamic appearance, shield sunglasses provide optimal protection from the sun and promote better eye health because they cover a larger portion of the face than standard sunglasses. Additionally, you’ll find a variety of styles to suit your preferences, from frameless designs to top-frame only options.

Explore Trending Looks

No matter which summer trend speaks to you, you’ll find eyeglasses showcasing all the latest looks at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. We carry fashion-forward styles from 20 of the top designer brands, including Calvin Klein, DKNY, Giorgio Armani and more. Contact the Cohen’s location nearest you to schedule an eye exam with one of our on-site optometrists and choose your favorite new looks in eyeglasses and sunglasses with help from our eyewear specialists.