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August 27, 2019

Whether you’re a professional athlete, participate in local recreational leagues, or have a child who plays on a team, finding the perfect pair of glasses for your sport of choice requires a delicate balance. They have to be sturdy enough to stay in place and resist damage, yet also reflect personal style and exude confidence on the field, court, or ice. Here are a few tips for shopping for the perfect sports glasses and a look at what Cohen’s Fashion Optical has to offer.

Make a Wise Investment

For athletes who require prescription lenses, finding the right pair of glasses that can withstand the demands of their sport can be challenging to say the least. And the last thing anyone wants is for their only pair of glasses to break in the heat of competition. That’s why it’s generally recommended that those participating in sports invest in a separate pair of glasses designed with athletics in mind, equipping you with the clarity you need during the game while protecting the glasses you wear the rest of the time.

However, just because frames and lenses are durable enough to hold up during competition doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish at the same time. At Cohen’s Fashion Optical, our on-site optometrists will point you or your athlete in the right direction and help you choose the ideal pair from our selection of high-end sports glasses. We’ll consider your face shape, skin tone, and team colors to help you choose the glasses that will make you look outstanding on the field.

Ensure They’re Comfortable

Aside from seeing clearly and superior durability, the right pair of sport glasses must also be comfortable – and they can only be comfortable if they fit properly. They should also be lightweight enough to allow you to move your head with ease and not worry about heavyset frames weighing you down. The eyewear specialists at Cohen’s Fashion Optical are meticulously trained to ensure your sports glasses give you a snug fit and won’t budge when you’re running or breaking a sweat on the field.

Have a Backup Plan

Of course, for those who participate in high-impact sports, there’s always a chance that glasses may fall victim to damage. That’s why it’s essential to have a backup plan in case your sports glasses break in the middle of your important heat or match. One option would be to consider contact lenses. During your eye exam, our on-site eye optometrists can help you determine whether contact lenses may be appropriate for you or your child. But if contact lenses are out of the question, you can also protect your sports glasses by wearing a face mask that keeps your glasses in place and cushions any impacts from the ball or other players.

Don’t Jeopardize Style

Your team is counting on you. Prepare for your upcoming sports season at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. We’ll ensure your vision can handle the competition and help you find the perfect pair of sports glasses that will help you or your child stay ahead of the game. At any of our locations, you’ll find over 20 of the top designer brands, from Gucci to Calvin Klein, that are currently helping countless athletes keep their vision in check on the field. For more information, schedule an appointment at Cohen’s Fashion Optical today.