What Makes Cohen’s Eyeglasses Stores Uniquely New York? Personality.

Wendy Kagan
September 8, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Uniquely New York - Feature
If you adore New York, chances are it’s because the city grabbed you with its neighborhoods—those lovable pockets of personality. From the drum pulse of Harlem to straight-laced Wall Street and hipster Brooklyn, the neighborhoods of NYC are totally unique.

Cohen’s gets that. So instead of placing cookie-cutter eyeglasses stores on every street corner, this purveyor of designer eyewear takes a different approach. Each Cohen’s store and designer glasses available reflect the one-of-a-kind spirit and personality of the surrounding New York neighborhood. That means when you pop into a Cohen’s in funky Greenwich Village, the selection of designer glasses will feel very different from the display you’ll find on the sleekly sophisticated Upper East Side.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Uniquely New York

Your Store, Your Neighborhood Tastes

Quite simply, Cohen’s is a curated experience, from eyeglasses frames to eye exams. Each store handpicks its array of affordable designer eyeglasses to match the bespoke tastes of the people that are the heart-and-soul of the neighborhood. Many of these eyeglasses stores have been in the same location for years, owned by the same owners who’ve come to know their customers and patients the way they know their own families. As a result, each store has its own personality and matchless flavor that reflects its totally unique, totally New York surroundings which inspire our designer glasses inventory. To locals, it’s like coming home.


Cohens Fashion Optical - Uniquely New York - Harlem Location

Take the Harlem eyeglasses store. In the heart of the action on 125th Street, this Cohen’s storefront has its finger on the pulse of the neighborhood style scene. Among the affordable designer frames, you’ll find such names as Tom Ford, Lafont, LA Eyeworks, Cazal, and Dolce & Gabana. After an expert eye exam with an optometrist who knows your name, slip on a pair of new eyeglasses frames and you’ll be ready for the inviting soul-food joints and jazz bars of one of NYC’s most culturally diverse hot spots.


At Union Square, Cohen’s sleek new concept eyeglasses store reflects the energy of a bustling centerpiece of lower Manhattan. In addition to designer eyeglass brands such as Prada, Ferragamo, Fendi, and Calvin Klein, you’ll also find The Collective 2.0, Cohen’s house collection of hip, affordable eyewear created with Union Square tastes in mind. Plan a visit to coincide with the famous Union Square Greenmarket on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday—when fashionable food lovers flock to stalls overflowing with upstate produce, artisan cheeses, bread, flowers, and more.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Uniquely New York - Brooklyn Location Storefront

And don’t forget classic Brooklyn. At Cohen’s Brooklyn Heights location on Montague Street, in the shadow of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, the eyeglasses store has a boutique feel that fits right in among the intimate and historic storefronts and residences. Look here for local designer eyeglasses frames brand favorites like Tom Ford, Gucci, and Ray-Ban. Cool fact: The staff and doctors have been serving this elegant Brooklyn enclave with eye exams and affordable glasses for over 30 years.

When it comes to personality and local flavor—when it comes to New York—you have to experience it for yourself with designer glasses that reflect your neighborhood. Discover your Cohen’s: Find an eyeglasses store that’s not just in your neighborhood. It is your neighborhood.