Makeup Classes for Girls Who Wear Glasses

May 19, 2016

makeup classes for girls with glasses

As a girl who wears glasses and loves makeup, I’m often asked for tips on how to make your eyes stand out behind thicker frames. So here’s a quick eye makeup tutorial for glasses. I’m a firm believer in the “just add glasses” method of makeup application, in that you do your makeup…and then put on your glasses. That being said, there are definitely makeup looks for glasses that work a little better than others at making your eyes stand out, without being too dark or heavy looking. For this edition of Makeup Classes For Girls Who Wear Glasses, we teamed up with Keiko Lynn to demonstrate an eye makeup look that utilizes rich neutrals and light-catching shimmer on the center lid to create dimension and brings attention to your eyes, without letting them disappear behind your designer glasses.

Keiko’s experience: I visited a local store (there are over 80 in New York!) where I chose these Prada beauties in a wine hue, a lovely alternative to black or brown designer eyeglasses. As each Cohen’s Fashion Optical is individually owned and operated, visit a store near you to check out what designer glasses work for your style. Now, let’s get started with how to apply eyeshadow for eyeglasses!



  1. Start your makeup with glasses by patting primer all over lids and blend up toward your brow bone.
  2. Sweep a light neutral shadow through your crease, with a blending brush. This will serve as your transitional color.
  3. Pack dark brown shadow into the inner and outer corners of your lids, using a pencil brush for precision.
  4. Using the same brush, connect through the crease.
  5. Pick up a smidge of medium brown with a blending brush, and use it to blend the dark brown outward.
  6. Line the outer, lower lash line with dark brown shadow.
  7. Use your ring finger to pat on a light, shimmery shadow in the center of your lids. I’m wearing lash extensions, so I skipped mascara, but this is where you should add it. Done! Now just slide on your Prada eyeglasses or other designer glasses for a polished look.

Thank you to Cohen’s Fashion Optical for partnering with me on this makeup tutorial for glasses!