CareCredit for glasses

Cohen’s Fashion Optical has spent decades leading the fashion eyewear industry in New York and across the East Coast. Because we cater to such a vast and diverse population, we’ve gained a great deal of insight into what our customers expect from the ideal eye-care experience. Fittingly, we strive to complement our tastefully selected luxury frames and innovative vision technologies with payment options designed to help essential eye-care products and procedures fit effortlessly into most budgets. Among these payment methods is CareCredit, a simple way to finance vision expenses.

What Is CareCredit?

CareCredit is a credit card designed exclusively for health and wellness applications. CareCredit aims to create a more accessible healthcare environment where patients can receive the treatment they deserve without worrying about the complex financial challenges that are sometimes associated with health procedures. To accomplish this, CareCredit enables cardholders to pay for medical treatment and procedures at more than 200,000 providers across the nation in convenient monthly installments. CareCredit users who meet certain purchase requirements may even qualify for special financing options with convenient monthly payments.

Once approved, users can employ CareCredit to help pay for a vast range of services, including eye care, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, hearing care and much more. Delve into all that CareCredit has to offer by browsing the official CareCredit FAQs.

Using CareCredit for glasses at Cohen’s Fashion Optical

If you’re seeking an opportunity to secure high-quality, on-trend eyeglasses with help from CareCredit, look no further than the time-tested luxury eyewear experts at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. CareCredit is included among the payment methods we accept, enabling our customers to select cutting-edge frames crafted by world-renowned designers without exceeding the boundaries of their budget. In addition to eyeglasses, Cohen’s Fashion Optical also offers prescription sunglasses and contact lenses that may be purchased with CareCredit. Simply speak with an eyewear specialist to help determine which products best suit you.

Rely on the experts at Cohen’s Fashion Optical

Cohen’s Fashion Optical offers an unparalleled eye-care experience, whether you’re planning to use CareCredit for glasses or simply seeking to purchase a fresh batch of contact lenses. Exams are offered on site, and once you’ve received your prescription, our dedicated eyewear specialists can help connect you with the eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses that meet your expectations. Find a location near you to get started.