Geek is Good

Andrew Miller
February 2, 2017

Hi, my name is Andrew and I’m a geek.

While it took me years to figure this out, it’s a realization that I’m comfortable with now, because being a geek puts me in very good company.

You see, while athletes and celebrities may get all the good (and sometimes bad) press, geeks are the ones who have the real power. Think about it—for every sports star who owns the spotlight; there’s a geek out there who actually owns the team. For every celebrity who boasts about reaching one million followers on Twitter; there’s a geek out there who made billions by inventing it.

Frankly, geek is good.

For some reason, geeks are often associated with eyeglasses. And nowadays, nerdy glasses are a thing. In fact, everybody wants to look like a nerd. There’s even a term to describe these suddenly trendy eyeglasses: Geek chic.

Persol 649 Series—PO8359V

For geek chic inspiration, I look no farther than the glasses I’m wearing right now: Persol’s 649 Series—PO8359V. Theses designer frames are vintage enough that they wouldn’t look out of place on a short-sleeved-dress shirt-wearing NASA nerd in the 60’s; and modern enough that they look great on 21st century nerds, too. They also complement my typical weekend wardrobe of jeans and a Rush t-shirt rather nicely.

Persol Typewriter Edition—PO3109V

My first runner-up to these frames was Persol’s Typewriter Edition—PO3109V. These are very on-trend glasses that feature acetate frames with a metal bridge. They come in a host of great colors, from tortoise, to black to a very striking blue.

Ray-Ban RX5277

Geek-chic fashion eyewear is nothing if not distinctive. Consider the “Can You Hear Me Now?” geek who made a name for himself pitching Verizon Wireless in the early 2000s (and now peddles Sprint). Take away his distinctive frames and you probably wouldn’t give him a second thought if you saw him on the street. His frames bring to mind Ray-Ban’s RX5277— distinctive fashion eyeglasses with a squared-off shape that’s sort of “cyber-geek” in style.

Hipsters often get lumped into the same category as geeks. It probably has something to do with the ill-fitting, mismatched clothes that both species wear. For some reason, hipsters’ “dress like you don’t give a @$&#%” sense of style doesn’t apply to hipster glasses, though. Perhaps the money they are saving by buying “ironic” clothes at the Salvation Army is being spent on great-looking glasses. Tom Ford’s “Soft Squared Frame” is a great hipster-looking frame (that us normal folks can wear, too). It makes up for its boring name with great geek-inspired looks that are a little oversized.

Dolce & Gabbana 1288

In the late 70s and early 80s, geeks gravitated en masse toward rounded metal frames that today bring to mind Napoleon Dynamite (even though the quirky film was set in 2004). Retro-loving hipsters have latched onto this look, too. A great interpretation of this look is Dolce & Gabbana’s 1288. It comes in black and, while it’s not a look I could personally pull off, it would look as good with a suit and tie, as it would with a trucker hat and vintage Pokemon t-shirt.

Whether you’re a geek or just want to look like one, glasses are great place to start. Fortunately, your local Cohen’s Fashion Optical can help you find the pair that’s perfect for you. If you need me, I’ll be watching my laserdisc copy of “Logan’s Run.”