Fashion Frames Give Your Shoe Collection a Run for its Money

Courtney Morse
May 12, 2016


Everyone has a personalized version of the go-to “Oops, I hit snooze too many times” outfit.  Mine happens to be more of a uniform, because despite the fact that I work in the fashion industry, my overall vibe is based on effortlessness minimalist style.  I generally embrace a minimalist wardrobe, often wearing some version of jeans and a simple shirt, then accessorizing accordingly.
For those of us who adhere to the minimalist wardrobe philosophy, shoes serve to easily set the tone of an outfit, thus are an essential part of the equation.  However, I would argue that there is another remarkable yet criminally underrepresented accessory that possesses similar superpowers when going minimalist.  Many of us wear them, but we don’t all take full advantage of the opportunity.  I’m talking about eyeglasses, folks.  Spectacles.  Fashion eyewear.  Lenses that help you see clearly. You know, to read, or drive, or decide whether to swipe left or right. Eyeglass frames are an absolutely untapped goldmine of accessorizing potential.


Image by theantisocialista via Polyvore.


When wearing my beloved Stella McCartney flares and a cropped white tee, I can transform from farmers market to date night by merely swapping my Birkenstocks for some groovy platforms.  So why not embrace the chance to put on cat-eye designer eyeglasses and bring some extra seventies flare (pun intended) to your high-rise bellbottoms and crop top?  To add a geometrical pair of eyeglass frames to a bodycon dress for a bit of modern edge?   To don a streamlined, ovoid style of fashion eyewear with some Levi’s 501s to completely dominate the über trendy nineties vibe?


The designer eyewear options for accessorizing your look are endless.  With myriad variations of prescription eyeglass frames and sunglasses, Cohen’s Fashion Optical has all of your fashion eyewear needs covered.  With over a hundred locations carrying top brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, Prada, Nike and Calvin Klein, you’re sure to find countless designer eyewear options for trendy, flattering eyeglass frames, making it easier than ever to develop a collection of eyeglass frames to rival that of your shoes.

Don’t see what fashion eyewear you’re looking for in your local store? Simply take a trip to one of your favorite neighborhoods, because in addition to in-house Eyestylists to help with style tips, the designer eyewear collection in each location is curated with the vibe of its ‘hood in mind.  If you’re in a chic, sophisticated mood you can head to one of the Upper East Side locations.  Feeling a bit more edgy?  Hit up the Tribeca store!

Fashion eyewear possibilities are as endless as your style cravings, and thanks to Cohen’s Fashion Optical’s multiple locations, Eyestylist expertise, and amazing everyday deals, designer eyeglasses are totally accessible.  So next time you’re tempted to up your style game by pairing your uniform with some acrylic-heeled, patent leather sock-boots I won’t try to stop you, as long as you capitalize on the opportunity to accessorize with matching ombré eyeglass frames from your favorite Cohen’s Fashion Optical.