Designer Frame Focus

Amy Spiezio
September 14, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Designer Frame Focus
There you are, owning the sidewalk like it’s your runway. Why shouldn’t you…you look amazing in this fall’s hottest styles and to top them off—fantastic designer eyeglasses.
Designer glasses are always on point and serve as the perfect investment in your fashion future.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Designer Frame Focus

A Splurge That’s a Bargain

Amazing bags, boots, and coats are splurge worthy—and so are designer eyeglasses! In fact, dollar for dollar, a pair of designer frames that you wear almost every day beat out many other top of the line fashion choices.
Just think about it…a gorgeous pair of Tom Ford Padlock Naked Spike Strap Sandals cost easily $900-plus. And you get to wear them MAYBE the summer and a few select super-special moments in other seasons if you don’t mind freezing your toes off. On the other hand, a pair of Tom Ford designer eyeglass frames cost much less AND you get to wear them every day, year-round if you’re really in love with the designer frames.

Tom Ford – Soft Square Optical Frame / Image from

Happily, because the eyeglass frames are at a practical price point for designer wear, you can actually create a whole fashion-friendly eyeglass wardrobe!

If you love a designer, opting for a pair of designer glasses is a way to get into the big-name fashion game. Often designers cleverly use signature touches from the runway, such as a color palette or the detail of a print in the eyewear design. Or they take iconic looks from other accessories, such as the hinge on a purse or the clasp on a shoe to create a unique eyewear look so you can see the world through the coolest eyes.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Designer Frame Focus


Designer Frame Quality

Along with super fashion direction and creativity, designer eyewear brings with it a tradition of craftsmanship and good construction. Tom Ford’s designer frame styles go elegant with materials such as titanium with meticulous, innovative shapes and designs, while iconic models such as Ray-Bans are crafted from Italian acetates and feature well-crafted hinges and rivets for every day excellence.

Sure, you can get cheap eyeglasses that look cool. But the eyeglasses probably won’t feel so cool. Just like designer clothes have been designed and constructed to a more rigorous standard than the knock offs, designer eyeglasses take things you might not think about into consideration. A really great dress falls just so and makes you look a little taller and sexier– really excellent designer glasses won’t slide down your nose so much or pinch behind your ears. Instead, the designer frames have been created to look great and FEEL great.

Ray-Bans – Clubmaster Classic / Image from

High quality designer glasses are built to last, unlike fast fashion looks you’ll have to replace every few months. If you’re going to get a pair of aviator designer glasses, Ray-Bans are the original and they are built to last a lifetime. You’ll be pairing the designer frames with jeans, sundresses, ski jackets, and any other looks that may come into your wardrobe for years to come.
A high-quality pair of designer glasses can ramp up your whole look for a lifetime.