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At Cohen's 26 convenient Manhattan locations, you'll discover a selection of eyeglass brands handpicked to please the most style-savvy New Yorker. In Midtown Manhattan, Cohen's is the go-to place for eye care, with 14 convenient locations. Drop by on your lunch hour, after work, or before you catch that Broadway matinee. As always, expect swift service and the designer eyewear brands you know and love. Our five Downtown Manhattan locations, from Park Place to Union Square, have eyewear for everyone from Village hipsters to Financial District suits who will find a style to love amid Cohen’s wide array of eyewear brands. Locate your store and drop in for quick, professional service today. At the seven locations in Uptown Manhattan, catch us on the way home to your brownstone, while you shop, or en route to the park or museum. You’ll discover a large selection of eyeglass brands and find the look that is all you.
With the right eyeglasses in NYC, you can complement the rest of your wardrobe with runway-worthy designer frames, whether you're in Kips Bay in Midtown or in Uptown Manhattan. Our eyeglass stores in Midtown East and other Manhattan neighborhoods are stocked with the latest trendy designer eyeglasses that celebrities are wearing. But like our eye exams, our designer frames fit into budgets thanks to our many discounts, including for students ages 16-25. Just visit our experienced eye doctors to get your latest prescription before consulting with our stylists for the "it" pair of glasses Uptown Manhattan and elsewhere in NYC.

But don't stop at eyeglasses in NYC. Our eyeglass stores also include prescription sunglasses so you never get caught squinting outside - major fashion faux pas points - and we have contact lenses when you want to go frameless. Start with yearly eye exams so you ensure you have the right prescription - and then with our affordable prices, choose more than one pair of trendy designer eyeglasses - one pair of eyeglass frames for work in Uptown Manhattan and another pair of eyeglass frames for around home in Kips Bay, and then don't forget sunglasses. You never have to scrimp on eyeglasses in NYC when you visit our eyeglass stores where we have affordable eye exams and eyeglasses.

Looking for cool eyeglasses in NYC is easy with the help of Cohen's Fashion Optical eyeglass stores in Kips Bay in Midtown and other New York locations. Our eyeglass stores feature trendy and affordable designer eyeglasses as well as thorough and affordable eye exams.

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Eyeglasses in the NYC fashion scene are just as important as the right trendy clothes.

Let's face it, eyeglasses in NYC, whether in Midtown or Uptown Manhattan are just as important as your fashion style. At Cohen's eyeglass stores, our stylists know how to help you find the latest trendy styles to match your face shape and your personality. After eye exams in our Kips Bay location or another of our Manhattan store locations, our stylists work with you to find one or more pairs of designer eyeglasses that will complement the rest of your wardrobe, from retro cat eye eyeglass frames to studious eyeglasses when want to show off your smarts. Find our eye doctors and affordable eyeglasses in Midtown East and other NYC locations.

When looking for NYC eyeglasses that fit your style, we start with your face shape - is it square, oval or a circle? Next at our eyeglass store, whether in Uptown Manhattan or another NYC optical store, we'll discuss your personal style - classic, casual, trendy? Do you want designer eyeglasses that have a retro flavor or do you want the most modern designs from the trendiest designers? Finally, as we discuss eyeglass frames, we consider your skin coloring to ensure the color of your frames complement your complexion.

Our NYC eyeglasses and our Midtown East and other Manhattan locations range from bold clubmasters and horn rims to classic cat eyes to cool, crystal-studded stunners. These designer glasses are more than specs - they are an extension of your wardrobe. Because at our eyeglass stores, we accept most vision plans and we have a variety of discounts, including discounts for students ages 16-25, customers will often buy more than one pair of eyeglass frames, or will add on prescription sunglasses so they can look just as cool in the sun as indoors. With two stylish designer eyeglasses or more, you will have options when you go to work in Uptown Manhattan, and then hang around home in Midtown East.

Whether looking for eyeglasses in Uptown Manhattan or designer frames in Kips Bay in Midtown, our stylists can help you find the right look. At our eyeglass stores, find glass that show off your love of 1950s screen idol glam, or discover a pair of eyeglasses that are more incognito. With your eye exams, also choose a pair of casual designer glasses worn by day, and a devil-may-care pair for nights out with friends. No matter your style of eyeglasses in NYC, whether in Uptown or Midtown Manhattan, we have the stylists to help you not only find the right pair of eyeglass frames, but make sure they fit, too, with complimentary Comfort & Fit Eyewear Check-ups (including thorough cleaning, frame & temple alignment, screw tightening and nose pad adjustment) as long as you have the eyeglasses.
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