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At Cohen's 26 convenient Manhattan locations, you'll discover a selection of eyeglass brands handpicked to please the most style-savvy New Yorker. In Midtown Manhattan, Cohen's is the go-to place for eye care, with 14 convenient locations. Drop by on your lunch hour, after work, or before you catch that Broadway matinee. As always, expect swift service and the designer eyewear brands you know and love. Our five Downtown Manhattan locations, from Park Place to Union Square, have eyewear for everyone from Village hipsters to Financial District suits who will find a style to love amid Cohen’s wide array of eyewear brands. Locate your store and drop in for quick, professional service today. At the seven locations in Uptown Manhattan, catch us on the way home to your brownstone, while you shop, or en route to the park or museum. You’ll discover a large selection of eyeglass brands and find the look that is all you.
Schedule New York City eye exams for the whole family, with children between six and 12 months getting their first eye exams. While eyeglasses likely won't be required, this initial eye exam can reassure you that your little one's eye development is on track at one of our convenient eyeglass stores in the Garment District, West Village Chelsea and elsewhere in New York City. If you discover eyeglasses are required as your baby grows, we have special glasses for little ones in our NYC eye stores. The early eye exams with our experienced eye doctors are important to catch any issues early.

Our New York City eye doctors in the West Village, Chelsea and Garment District check for common eye problems in children of all ages. When talking with our New York eye doctors, mention whether you've seen common signs of vision problems in younger children, like squinting while reading and other close-up activities, excessive blinking, extreme light sensitivity, chronic red or tearing of the eyes. Once at our NYC eyeglass stores, our eye doctors and stylists are trained to work with kids of all ages to help them find the right eyeglass frames. And while at our eyeglass stores, whether you want eye glasses in West Village, eye exams in Chelsea, or another one of our locations, you can also get a profession eye exam and find designer eyeglasses to go with your fashion sense - all at an affordable price.

New York City eye exams are especially important for children, who may fall behind in school without the right eyewear. Eye doctors in our Chelsea location, as well as our other NYC locations will check to see if your children need new eyeglasses and check for a myriad of eye issues.

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When you schedule New York City eye exams at Cohen's Fashion Optical, you get professional services at an affordable price.

Yearly New York City eye exams in the Garment District, West Village and Chelsea are necessary to spot any eye issues - and easy and affordable with Cohen's Fashion Optical eyeglass stores nearby. Our eye doctors, whether in the West Village or elsewhere in NYC, are experienced professionals who explain eye issues and can provide eye exams for children and adults. Selecting eyeglasses at our Garment District eyeglass store location as well as our other optical stores is also easy with help from our stylists who know how to narrow down selections of eyeglass frames to fit your face shape and personality. Stop by our eyeglass stores in West Village, Chelsea and the Garment District for your yearly eye exam.

Yearly eye exams in New York City and across the world are important not just to check in on whether you need new prescription glasses, but to also to discover if you have any other eye health issues. In these eye exams, whether in the West Village or elsewhere in NYC, you can also ask questions like why you may have minor blurring. Our eye doctors can explain it may be just tired eyes or allergies, but if it is persistent blurring, the problem could be more serious. With thorough yearly eye exams, or more often if there is a problem, you will ensure you have healthy eyes - and if necessary, a new trendy pair of glasses that don't cost a fortune.

Eye exams in our New York City locations, including the Garment District, West Village and Chelsea eyeglass stores, are standard eye tests, where our experienced eye doctors check your vision, observe your eye health and look for signs of general health problems. Eye doctors at our Garment District eyeglass store and other NYC optical stores can, for example, often spot signs pointing toward health issues like diabetes. In addition to prescribing new eye glasses lenses, our eye doctors will test for eye conditions like cataracts and glaucoma. In addition to designer eyeglasses, our eyeglass store also has contact lenses, reading glasses and prescription sunglasses - just ask your eye doctor in Chelsea or another location about those options.

We know many delay eye exams in New York's Garment District, West Village and other NYC neighborhoods because of the expense - especially if you have a family. But we have discounted eye exams and glasses - just check out the available coupons including discounts for students ages 16-25. In addition, for designer eyeglasses and eye exams, we accept most vision plans so you can afford to set up appointments for the whole family. To ensure yearly exams when you have kids, begin to schedule the eye tests for the whole family before school starts. Then at our eyeglass stores in the West Village and other NYC locations, if needed, the whole family can choose new trendy yet affordable designer glasses, contact lenses, reading glasses and prescription sunglasses for the coming year.
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