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At Cohen's 26 convenient Manhattan locations, you'll discover a selection of eyeglass brands handpicked to please the most style-savvy New Yorker. In Midtown Manhattan, Cohen's is the go-to place for eye care, with 14 convenient locations. Drop by on your lunch hour, after work, or before you catch that Broadway matinee. As always, expect swift service and the designer eyewear brands you know and love. Our five Downtown Manhattan locations, from Park Place to Union Square, have eyewear for everyone from Village hipsters to Financial District suits who will find a style to love amid Cohen’s wide array of eyewear brands. Locate your store and drop in for quick, professional service today. At the seven locations in Uptown Manhattan, catch us on the way home to your brownstone, while you shop, or en route to the park or museum. You’ll discover a large selection of eyeglass brands and find the look that is all you.
To experience the best New York City optical stores, visit Cohen's Fashion Optical. From our Manhattan eyeglass stores to our Bronx optical stores, we provide hundreds of the latest fashionable eyeglass frames, from casually chic to sophisticated stunners. Eyeglass frames include Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Prada Eyewear and Gucci. Whether stopping in our Brooklyn eyeglasses stores or our Staten Island optical stores, you'll find on-trend frames for work, school and weekends, made with the highest-quality metals, woods and plastics, along with frames featuring accents like leather, fabric or precious gemstones. With dozens of optical stores in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx, we make it convenient to quickly find what you need, whether you schedule an appointment online, or just stop in on your way to or from work.

At any of our New York City optical stores, easily choose eyeglass frames that suit your look, and then hit a nearby market, restaurant or retail store while you wait for the frames to be customized. Whether you visit our Manhattan eyeglass stores or Bronx optical stores, our knowledgeable associates help you select the best eyeglass frames for your style, and with our quick turnaround time, you can grab your glasses and get on with your day. Or, if you need Brooklyn eyeglasses stores or Uptown optical stores that offer eye exams or contact lenses, our veteran optometrists can quickly help with that, too. Our optical stores in Queens, Midtown, Staten Island and throughout the New York area offer better quality, affordability and style of eyeglasses – we've been around a long time and understand what New Yorkers want.

Our New York City optical offices make it easy to schedule an appointment online. Or drop by our Manhattan eyeglass stores or any of our other New York optical store locations anytime to pick out eyeglass frames.

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You'll love our New York City optical stores, where we've provided fashion eyewear at a value for decades.

New York City optical stores don't get any better than Cohen's Fashion Optical. Whether you need a Manhattan eyeglass store in Midtown or a Staten Island optical store, you'll find the best, high-quality yet affordable eyeglasses in our convenient locations. Every store, from our Brooklyn eyeglasses stores to our Uptown optical stores, offers the latest in on-trend eyeglass frames, including popular styles like vintage-inspired cat eyes, retro horn-rimmed specs or low-profile rimless frames. And whether you visit optical stores in Queens or our Bronx optical stores, you'll appreciate that the style of eyeglass frames in each store reflects the unique character, culture and soul of the neighborhood, whether the area's vibe is posh, pristine, preppy or punk.

In our New York City optical stores, you'll find hundreds of fashionable eyeglass frames, giving you plenty of options to match your personality, the shape of your face and your lifestyle. Look in a Manhattan eyeglass store to see the variety of trendy eyeglass frames offered by Cohen's Fashion Optical, including frames with eye-popping colors, alluring animal prints or even unique frames accented with lace or crystals. Or stop by our Brooklyn eyeglasses stores to check out frames made of high-quality materials like titanium, stainless steel, wood or aluminum. And in our optical stores in Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and other locations in the city, ask about multiple options in eyeglass lenses, such as single-vision lenses, progressive lenses or aspheric lenses – a flatter profile that causes less unwanted magnification, offering a more natural look – not the "bug-eyed" appearance many far-sighted eyeglass wearers have experienced in the past.

With New York City optical stores all over the city, Cohen's Fashion Optical makes it easy for you to find us near your apartment, near school, by the subway or along your commute route. At one of our Manhattan eyeglass stores or Bronx eyeglasses stores, stop in on your lunch break to pick out eyeglass frames like practical full-rim metal frames for the office or stand-out aviators for the weekend. Try one of our Brooklyn eyeglasses stores right after work or on a Saturday afternoon to ask our associates about eyeglass frames with larger-than-average bridges, or glasses that are suitable to wear while playing sports. Or check out optical stores in Queens or Midtown with your better half, best friend or kids to find frames for everyone.

Not only do our New York City optical stores specialize in the latest fashions in daily eyeglass frames, but we also carry other essential frames. Visit a Manhattan eyeglass store to get a pair of reading glasses for home, or a pair of prescription sunglasses for the weekend. Look up our New York eyeglasses stores, Midtown eyeglass stores or other New York stores online to easily schedule an eye exam, or simply walk into one of our stores before picking up groceries or take-out. And whether you visit optical stores in Queens or Downtown eyeglasses stores, we'll also help you with contact lenses and eyewear accessories.
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