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Hello, Queens—Cohen’s has you covered with eight locations across the borough. Consider us a part of the fabric of your culturally diverse neighborhoods with their fabulous food and shopping scenes. Find your store and drop by for an expert eye exam, or to browse designer eyeglass brands tailored to the tastes of your area.
When visiting our Elmhurst optical stores, you receive the full-service Cohen's Fashion Optical experience. Our Queens eyeglass stores are staffed with New York State Board-Certified optometrists to diagnose any eye concerns and write a prescription for all eyewear needs. After consulting with our optometrist on Long Island, meet with a dedicated stylist who will assist you in finding the ideal pair of eyeglass frames to suit your style. From our eye exams in Elmhurst to our friendly staff and well-stocked eyeglasses selections, patients experience a convenient eye experience from start to finish.

Our Elmhurst optical stores carry high-end eyeglass frames, ideal for a new look or a stylish necessity. When browsing our Queens eyeglass stores, you'll find a staff of stylists dedicated to finding the ideal eyeglasses for your personality. After visiting the optometrist on Long Island, a stylist will analyze features such as your face shape, skin tone and personality, and will recommend the best eyewear for your look. Come in for an eye exam in Elmhurst and enjoy a fashion-forward eye exam and eyewear experience.

Your friendly Elmhurst optical stores provide high-end eyewear at affordable prices. Our Queens eyeglass stores also offer convenient locations.

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Savor quality at Elmhurst optical stores where we've been serving New Yorkers for years.

Our Elmhurst optical stores are dedicated to providing high-end service at an affordable cost. That's why our Queens eyeglass stores, Cohen's Fashion Optical, offer regular promotions, helping to make eyeglass frames more affordable. A visit with our optometrist on Long Island means you don't have to sacrifice quality to get a comprehensive eye exam. Plus, our eye exams in Elmhurst are made more reasonable by our acceptance of most Vision Plans.

Visit our Elmhurst optical stores for all of your eyewear needs. At our Queens eyeglass stores, we offer designer eyeglass frames in some of the hottest brands, as well as specialty contact lenses for your fashion and comfort needs. The optometrists on Long Island can write eyewear prescriptions on the spot, and many of our locations feature on-site labs for one-hour processing of eyeglasses. When it comes to eye exams in Elmhurst, trust our experienced staff to address your every eyewear need.

At the Elmhurst optical stores, we are dedicated to providing eyewear for every season of life. Our Queens eyeglass stores carry eyewear for all ages, including a child-friendly selection and reading eyewear for adults. Bring kids to the optometrist on Long Island and complete your entire family's eye exams in one day at Cohen's Fashion Optical. Eye exams in Elmhurst become less stressful when you can make one trip, instead of multiple ones.

Stop by our Elmhurst optical stores on your way home from work or school. The convenient Queens eyeglass stores service the surrounding Elmhurst areas with a friendly staff of optometrists and stylists who understand working professionals' schedules. Our optometrists on Long Island offer ideal hours to suit your busy lifestyle. Schedule your eye exam in Elmhurst using our easy-to-use online tool and check one more thing off your busy to-do list.
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