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With 10 locations across the borough, Cohen’s is the place to go for Brooklyn’s eye care needs. See and be seen in our designer eyeglass and sunglass brands, which are a perfect fit for the area’s character-filled neighborhoods, vibrant culture, and stylish soul. Find your store and swing by for a fashion fitting or eye exam on the spot.
When you need a Brooklyn optometrist that provides exceptional care and comprehensive eye exams, visit Cohen's Fashion Optical. With locations like a Brooklyn Heights optical store, Brownsville eyewear store and a Bensonhurst optical location, we make it easy to get the services and eyewear you need near your home, school or place of work. You'll also find our eyeglass stores in Bay Ridge, Downtown Brooklyn and Park Slope, staffed with stylists ready to help you find eyeglass frames to complement your face, features and personal style. And when you need eye exams in Sunset Park or South Brooklyn, you can stop in our eyewear stores for same-day service, or easily schedule appointments ahead of time online.

Let our Brooklyn optometrists determine the right prescription to correct your vision, and the eye doctors will suggest the best optical frames for you – from single-vision and progressive lenses to adaptive lenses and reading glasses. Then browse our Brooklyn Heights optical stores or eyeglass stores in your area to find eyeglass frames in your favorite shapes and colors by designer brands. Try our eyeglass store in Bay Ridge to sample eyeglass frames by Dolce & Gabbana, Ray-Ban, Prada and Gucci. Or during eye exams in Sunset Park or while seeing a Bensonhurst Brooklyn eye doctor, ask about getting fitted for contact lenses.

In our Brooklyn optometrist offices, we offer free adjustments and cleanings for eyeglasses. At our Brooklyn Heights optical store and other locations, stop in any time you have a vision concern.

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  • 40.694633
    151 Montague St. Optical
    151 Montague St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    (718) 625-6545
    Brooklyn Eye Doctors, Montague Street Optical Stores & Between Henry & Brooklyn Heights Eye Exams
    151 MONTAGUE ST. 151 MONTAGUE ST. Montague Street Optical, Brooklyn Heights Eyglasses Store & Eye Exams in Brooklyn At our Montague Street optometrist, your eye doctor will find the best lens type for your vision needs. This Brooklyn optical location between Henry and Clinton Streets offers designer brands, and among eyeglass stores in NYC, we're known for our speedy eyeglass frame service. View Store
  • 40.633301
    1536 Flatbush Ave. Optical Store
    1536 Flatbush Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11210
    (718) 434-2222
    Brooklyn Eyeglass Stores, Optometrist in East Flatbush & Flatbush Ave Eye Exams
    1536 FLATBUSH AVE. 1536 FLATBUSH AVE. Flatbush Avenue Optical, East Flatbust Eye Exams and Eye Doctor Between Nostrand Avenue & Glenwood Road Our 1536 Flatbush Avenue optometrist has a close, neighborhood feel among eyeglass stores in East Flatbush. Schedule appointments at this NYC eyeglasses store and meet our friendly and patient eye doctor. View Store
  • 40.649049
    1704 Church Ave. Optical Store
    1704 Church Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11226
    (718) 684-5000
    Eye Doctor Near Prospect Park, Eye Exams and Optical Stores Between E 17th & 18th Streets
    1704 CHURCH AVE. 1704 Church Ave. Eyeglass Store Optometrist in Brooklyn, Eyewear Stores Near Prospect Park, Eye Doctor Between E 17th & 18th Streets Visit our New York optometrist and NYC eyeglass store in one trip. This Brooklyn optical store Between E 17th and 18th Streets honors most Vision Plans, and for eyeglass stores near Prospect Park, check us out. View Store
  • 40.669525
    1710 Pitkin Ave. Eyewear Store
    1710 Pitkin Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11212
    (718) 342-5500
    Brooklyn Optical Stores, Eye Exams in Brownsville & Brooklyn Optometrist on Pitkin Avenue
    1710 PITKIN AVE. 1710 Pitkin Ave. Eyeglass Store & Optical Store Pitkin Avenue Eyeglass Stores, Brownsville Eye Exams & Eye Doctors in Brooklyn For a Brooklyn eyeglass store with an optometrist that's patient and knowledgeable, make an appointment with our eye doctor. This Brooklyn optical store between Thatford and Rockaway Avenues features designer brands, and we're known among eyeglass stores in Brownsville for our fast turnaround. View Store
  • 40.602446
    2167 86th St. Optical Store
    2167 86th St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11214
    (718) 946-3647
    Bensonhurst Eye Exams, Brooklyn Eye Doctor & Optical Between 21st Street and Bay Parkway
    2167 86TH ST. 2167 86th St. Eyewear Store Brooklyn Optical, Bensonhurst Eyeglass Stores & Optometrist Between 21st Street and Bay Parkway At the 2167 86th Street Brooklyn eyeglasses store location, enjoy luxury brand eyeglasses prescribed by friendly Bensonhurst eye doctors. Our Brooklyn optometrists are near Bay Parkway, offering easy access and convenient shopping nearby. View Store
  • 40.668018
    298 7th Ave. Eyeglass Store
    298 7th Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11215
    (718) 768-3939
    Park Slope Optical, Optometrist in Brooklyn & Eye Exams Between 7th and 8th Steets
    298 7TH AVE. 298 7th Ave. Eyeglass Store & Optical Store Brooklyn Optometrist, Eye Doctor Between 7th and 8th Streets & Park Slope Eyeglass Stores Our 298 7th Avenue optometrist is well trained to provide your family with all its New York City eye exam needs. Stop by the Brooklyn optical store between 7th and 8th Streets and visit with our friendly stylists or browse our designer eyeglass frames. View Store
  • 40.689154
    395 Flatbush Avenue Extension Optical
    395 Flatbush Avenue Extension
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Optometrist in Downtown Brooklyn, Eyewear Store & Eye Exams at the Flatbush Avenue Extension
    395 FLATBUSH AVENUE EXTENSION 395 Flatbush Avenue Extension Eyewear Store Optical at Flatbush Avenue Extension, Eye Exams in Downtown Brooklyn & Optometrist Near the Fulton Mall At our 395 Flatbush Avenue Extension optical location, we specialize in eye exams for both eye issues and vision prescriptions. Plus, our conveniently located downtown Brooklyn optometrist is between Dekalb Avenue and Fulton Street, providing an ideal eyeglass store next to Fulton Mall. View Store
  • 40.622414
    414 86th St. Optical Store
    414 86th St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11209
    (718) 833-2320
    Bay Ridge Eye Doctor, Brooklyn Optometrist & 86th Street Eyewear Stores
    414 86TH ST. 414 86th St. Eyeglass Store & Optical Store Optical in Bay Ridge, 86h Street Optometrist, Eye Exams & Brooklyn Eyeglass Store Stylists in our 414 86th Street optical store help you find eyeglass frames with a flattering fit after you see our Bay Ridge optometrist. Browse our Brooklyn eyeglasses store between 4th and 5th Avenues with a stylist who'll recommend designer eyeglass frames to flatter your face, hair and unique personality. View Store
  • 40.644033
    5202 Fifth Ave. Eyewear Store
    5202 Fifth Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11220
    (718) 492-0515
    Sunset Park Eyeglass Store, Brooklyn Optometrist & Eyewear Stores on Fifth Avenue
    5202 FIFTH AVE. 5202 Fifth Ave. Eyeglass Store & Optical Store Fifth Avenue Optical, Brooklyn Sunset Park Eyeglass Stores & Eye Exams on Fifth Ave. Meet with our 5202 Fifth Avenue optometrist for an annual eye exam, or any time you have vision concerns. Our Brooklyn optical store at 52nd Street offers fast, efficient service, and the Sunset Park eyeglass store also features a large selection of designer eyeglass frames. View Store
  • 40.609782
    Kings Plaza Shopping Center Optical
    5100 Kings Plaza
    Brooklyn, NY 11234
    (718) 951-9800
    Optical at Kings Plaza Shopping Center, South Brooklyn Eyeglass Stores & Eye Doctors
    KINGS PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Kings Plaza Shopping Center Eyewear Store Kings Plaza Shopping Center Optical, South Brooklyn Eye Exams & Optometrist Near Belt Parkway Your neighborhood Kings Plaza Shopping Center optometrist is your eyewear destination offering designer eyeglass frames and specialty contact lenses. The Brooklyn optical location is at 1500 Kings Plaza with a city bus stop right outside the doors, making it an accessible eyeglass store in South Brooklyn. View Store

Each of our Brooklyn optometrists is New York State Board-Certified.

Staffed with experienced Brooklyn optometrists and knowledgeable stylists, each Cohen's Fashion Optical location is the place to go when you need exceptional eye care and a vast selection of the latest designer eyeglass frames. From our Brooklyn Heights optical store and Downtown Brooklyn optical store to our Brownsville eyewear store and Bensonhurst Brooklyn eye doctor office, our locations are conveniently accessible by bus, subway or both. And like our eyeglass stores in Bay Ridge, Park Slope and South Brooklyn, our eyewear stores are situated near other businesses, retail stores and restaurants so you can take care of errands and shopping nearby. After eye exams in Sunset Park or another location, grab a bite to eat at a local cafe while waiting for your eyeglasses to be prepared – we'll have them ready in an hour in most cases.

Each of our Brooklyn optometrist stores strives to offer you the best services and eyeglasses at the best price. Ask associates in our Brooklyn Heights optical shop, South Brooklyn optical store or other stores about current coupons, promotions and other specials we're offering for eyewear. Most stores like our eyeglass stores in Bay Ridge and Downtown Brooklyn also accept most Vision Plans, and we'll help you decipher your benefits. And if you need eye exams in Sunset Park or any of our other eyeglass stores and don't have insurance, ask our associates if payment plans or special financing are available for services and eyewear.

It's important to visit Brooklyn optometrists for annual eye exams, or any time you have a change in vision, or condition such as blurry vision or dry eyes. Eye doctors in our Brooklyn Heights optical stores use the latest means to help correct your vision, and offer up-to-date technology such as high-definition digital lenses and anti-glare coatings. In our eyeglass stores in Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Brownsville and other Cohen's Fashion Optical locations, we'll also help you choose the right optical lenses for your circumstances. Even if eye exams in Sunset Park, Bensonhurst or our other eyewear stores show you have 20/20 vision, go ahead and pick out stylish eyeglass frames that are fun to wear out on the weekends and for special occasions.

Our Brooklyn optometrists are also ready to help with all the vision care needs of your family and friends. At a Brooklyn Heights optical store, grab a gift certificate for a friend who wants to get chic prescription sunglasses but just hasn't treated themselves yet. Or visit our New York eyeglass stores in Bay Ridge or Downtown Brooklyn with the kids to find durable, flexible eyeglass frames that hold up to heavy wear, or let teenagers try contact lenses to wear while playing sports. Our eye doctors, stylists and associates are dedicated to helping you see, look and feel better by offering caring, convenient and professional service at a price you'll appreciate.

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