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Choose our optical stores in Boston for the Cohen’s Fashion Optical quality standard of service. Our eyeglass stores in Boston, like all of our Massachusetts optical stores, provide a superior optometry staff for our customers. The eye doctors in Downtown Crossing, or at any of our other Boston locations, help with selecting the latest in contact lenses or prescription sunglasses based on your eye needs. When by the eyeglass store near Copley Square get an eye exam on Boylston Street and learn more about different lens technology for different vision requirements, a standard of quality you will find at all of our eyeglass stores.

Rely on our optical stores in Boston when you change your eyewear for fashion purposes. Our eyeglass stores in Boston have a wide array of fashion frames for inspiration. Whether your eye doctor in Downtown Crossing has your prescription or you went to one of our other stores for your eye exam, just ask our staff to look up your records and shop for eyeglass frames without worry. At our eyeglass store near Copley Square and at our other locations, browsing for eyewear fashion is fun and easy.

Stop by our optical stores in Boston for recommendations on reading glasses. Our eyeglass stores in Boston offer a variety of eyeglass frames for prescription sunglasses as well.

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  • 42.3548783798079
    32 Summer Street Eyeglass Store
    32 Summer Street
    Boston, MA 02110
    (617) 542-9221
    Optometrist at 32 Summer Street, Optical at Arch Street & Vision Center in Downtown Crossing
    32 SUMMER STREET 32 Summer Street Optical Store & Eyewear Store Vision Center at 32 Summer Street, Eye Doctor at Arch Street & Eyewear Store in Downtown Crossing Visit the optical store at 32 Summer Street when it is time to check your prescription. The optometrist at Arch Street will determine if you need new lenses and the eyeglass store in Downtown Crossing is staffed with professionals who have new eyeglasses ready in an hour in most cases. View Store
  • 42.35043605
    607 Boylston Street Optometrist
    607 Boylston St.
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 236-5500
    Optometrists at 607 Boylston Street, Eye Exams at Dartmouth Street & Optical Stores near Copley Square
    607 BOYLSTON ST. 607 Boylston St. Optical & Eyeglass Store Optical Stores at 607 Boylston Street, Eyewear Stores at Dartmouth Street & Eye Doctors near Copley Square Go to the optical store at 607 Boylston Street for eyeglass frames that fit your style. This eyeglass store at Dartmouth Street also has an optometrist near Copley Square available for appointments. View Store

Try an optical store in Boston that is conveniently located for you by using our store locator online.

Pop in our optical stores in Boston to see Cohen’s Fashion Optical's impressive selection of stylish eyeglass frames for every personal style. All of our eyeglass stores in Boston provide rimless and semi-rimless frame styles, wraparounds and eyeglasses for sports. The eye doctors in Downtown Crossing and other Boston locations make sure you have the ideal prescription, so shopping for eyeglass frames is easy. Our eyeglass store near Copley Square, as well as our other locations, offers eye exams during the week, so you can visit our optometrist at Summer Street or get your eye exam on Boylston Street, depending on what works for you.

At the optical stores in Boston, your eye doctors learn about the importance of UV protection. Our eyeglass stores in Boston provide more than just an eye exam, offering detailed information on sun safety and your eye health. Go to the eye doctors in Downtown Crossing if it is convenient, or visit our optometrist at Summer Street to get your sun protection recommendation. The eyeglass store near Copley Square and all of our Boston locations offer stylish eyeglass frames as well for your new shades.

Each of our optical stores in Massachusetts is staffed with Cohen’s Fashion Optical associates ready to help you find that essential second pair of eyeglasses, especially when it is a new prescription. Our optometrists in Massachusetts, like the eye doctors in our eyeglass store in Braintree, are seasoned professionals who may recommend reading glasses if you are experiencing eye strain while looking at small print. Our eye doctors in Boston may also suggest bifocals if you want to stick to one pair of eyeglasses for reading, or you may try out two separate pairs if that works better for different vision needs. An eye exam in Cambridge store locations, or at a store closer to you, is an easy way to find out the best options for making two prescriptions work perfectly for you.

Go to our optical stores in Massachusetts to find a variety of eyeglass frame materials that are designed for durability. Our optometrists in Massachusetts, working with our other associates, may recommend stronger eyeglass frames like Monel for a thicker lens. See our eye doctors in Boston or other locations to learn if your lens will work well with a lightweight frame. An eye exam in Cambridge or at any of our other stores is part of the process of coordinating the ideal eyeglass frames with your lens type for a perfect fit.
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