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Your optical health in Hialeah is important, and you're in good hands with our eye doctors in South Florida. Visit one of our optometrist locations in Hialeah and speak with an eye doctor about eye health concerns, from dry, red or itchy eyes to cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration. Our eyeglass store at Westland Mall and other Cohen's Fashion Optical locations also offer an array of eyewear options, from cosmetic contact lenses that instantly change the look of your eye color to the hottest designer eyeglass frames. After your eye exams in Miami Dade County, browse our eyeglass frames for reading glasses, prescription sunglasses or other eyeglasses.

The optical associates in Hialeah at our optical stores are trained to help you pinpoint eyeglass frames that match your personal tastes. While at these optometrist stores in Hialeah, look for horn-rim eyeglass frames or other stylish designs that enhance your features and bring out your distinctive character. Locations such as our eyeglass store at Westland Mall can have your eyeglasses prepared in an hour in most cases, and we strive to keep our eyeglass frame prices low. For promotions on eye exams in Miami Dade County or deals on eyewear, check our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and log onto our website.

Browse our optical locations in Hialeah for eyeglass frames made from innovative materials. These optometrist stores in Hialeah may carry titanium, aluminum or Monel eyeglass frames.

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    Optical at Westland Mall
    1675 W. 49th St.
    Hialeah, FL 33012
    (305) 820-5868
    Eye Doctors at Westland Mall, Eyeglass Store at 1675 W. 49th Street & Eye Exams in Hialeah
    WESTLAND MALL WESTLAND MALL Westland Mall Optometrist, Eye Exams at Westland Mall & Eyewear Store at 1675 W. 49th Street We have high-tech optical lenses at Westland Mall, and ask the eye doctor at this eyeglass store at 1675 W. 49th Street about adaptive lenses that darken outside. Other lenses at this optometrist location at Westland Mall include progressive lenses. View Store

Excellent optical care in Hialeah is one of our top concerns, along with providing stylish, affordable eyewear.

Get an expert optical consultation in Hialeah with optometrists who are patient and skilled at performing eye exams. Come to the optometrist stores in Hialeah, Cohen's Fashion Optical, and meet our caring eye doctors who have years of experience helping an array of customers. The doctor at our eyeglass store at Westland Mall and eye doctors at our other locations not only diagnose and treat eye diseases, but these knowledgeable optometrists also conduct pediatric eye examinations. Along with eye exams in Miami Dade County for your whole family, our optometrists also provide contact lens fittings.

For high fashion optical frames in Hialeah, browse our designer eyeglass frames from your favorite brands. Our optometrist shops in Hialeah feature eyeglass frames that are fashion-forward, and we also carry classic styles and sporty eyeglass frames. Locations like our eyeglass store at Westland Mall can carry timeless aviators that exude movie-star glamour, and we may have cat-eye eyeglass frames that fuse chic with whimsy. Following your eye exams in Miami Dade County, ask our optical associates to help you choose the most flattering eyeglass frames for you.

Your optical wear in Hialeah should include stylish prescription or non-prescription sunglasses to safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays. Visit optometrist locations in Hialeah to discover iconic sunglasses, such as wayfarers or over-sized, extra-dark sunglasses that up your style game while protecting your eyes. Locations like the eyeglass store at Westland Mall offer an array of sunglasses that could include polarized sunglasses that filter our reflective glare. During eye exams in Miami Dade County at Cohen's Fashion Optical with our eye doctors in South Florida, ask for sunglasses recommendations for your particular vision needs.

We make finding optical stores in Hialeah a breeze, thanks to our easy-to-use store locator. More than optometrist shops in Hialeah, our locations are also vision centers where eye doctors in South Florida answer questions about any eye health concerns and help you choose the right lenses for your lifestyle. Locations including our eyeglass store at Westland Mall can have your new eyeglasses ready in about an hour in most cases, and these eyeglass stores are the place to start looking for reading glasses and contact lenses. Before eye exams in Miami Dade County, find out about the latest lenses on our website, like adaptive lenses that adapt quickly to changes in light.
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