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Helpful Steps to Prepare for Children's Eyewear

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Children's eyewear for young children is needed for a multitude of reasons, which is why understanding the warnings signs for vision issues is the first step in corrective measures. Many parents find getting glasses for kids an exciting time, specifically when they feel educated about the process. Schedule children's eye exams at Cohen's Fashion Optical, where our friendly staff will walk you through the process, from eye exam to eyewear selection process, explaining any potential vision problems along the way. We'll also make eyeglasses for kids a fun process for both you and your child, by giving your child a chance to shop for his or her new fashion accessory.

While children's eyewear is an adorable fashion accessory for little ones, understanding the warning signs for childhood vision problems helps parents know what to look for in their child's vision development. Many parents consider glasses for kids when they see common vision issues, such as inability to track items, such as a toy, book or light by three months of age, or display signs of strabismus, or unaligned eyes, at any point in their development. Schedule children's eye exams if any of these issues arise, and allow our state-certified optometrists to address any potential vision problems in toddlers. If eyeglasses for kids are needed, our staff will explain how the process works and what to expect with your child's new eyewear.

Making an appointment for children's eyewear is easy at Cohen's Fashion Optical. Shopping for glasses for kids is an exciting process for first timers, which is why we make the appointment fun with child-friendly staff for the patient, and informative, with educational material and Q&A time for the parents. Children's eye exams are recommended by the American Optometric Association between the ages of 6 and 12 months, but if childhood vision problems occur prior to that age range, parents are encouraged to bring their child in earlier. If needed, finding eyeglasses for kids is an easy process with our stylists.

There are many options for children's eyewear. For example, glasses for kids, specifically younger children, come with child-friendly designs, such as extra padding for safe impact, wraparound goggle frames for children who cannot keep regular eyeglasses frames on their head for long, and even plastic frames that resist breakage. After children's eye exams, we'll help your family weigh the options and find the right eyewear for your child's needs and personality. When it comes to eyeglasses for kids, we work with parents and children to determine what factors matter most, such as style for older kids, or function and comfort for younger kids.
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