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When selecting men's glasses, a variety of choices can arise: What color frame should I pick? Will these new eyeglass frames withstand my active lifestyle? Can I wear these frames for work and play? From sunglasses for men to eyeglasses for everyday wear, our Cohen's Fashion Optical optometrists and stylists are here to help answer your questions and guide you to the ideal eyewear for your lifestyle. When browsing eyeglass frames for men, we'll help you consider factors like comfort, durability and fashion, ensuring that your new eyeglasses will meet your needs now and in the future. Our stylists understand glasses for men and are here as a resource to guide you to your dream fit.

Men's glasses for sports come in a variety of shapes with features designed for each activity. For example, sunglasses for men can be purchased with a durable plastic frame that can hold up better in inevitable collisions during the final round of a sand volleyball tournament. Additionally, we offer eyeglass frames for men who enjoy indoor sports, such as wraparound frames that provide direct and peripheral lines of vision, ideal for the racket ball court or indoor tennis. Our glasses for men also pair style with durability, giving you a look you want to wear for function as well as for fashion.

Durable men's glasses also offer flexibility with your other outdoor activities. Many gardeners find prescription sunglasses for men a great alternative to contacts, providing all-in-one eye protection and vision assistance. When golfing, choose eyeglass frames for men to provide form and function, such as progressive lenses that allow you to see the ball on the tee as well as down the green for that line drive. The glasses for men at Cohen's Fashion Optical address your vision needs while providing a healthy dose of style for your day's activities.

For more intricate projects, men's glasses give you the vision needed to do everything from building projects to computer work. Sunglasses for men are helpful when working on the outdoor treehouse for your kids, provide 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays, especially handy when the two-hour project turns into an all-day endeavor. Indoors, eyeglass frames for men are available with reading or bifocal lenses, providing that extra assistance when working on artwork or a tricky puzzle. Come browse our glasses for men and find the function and style your lifestyle demands.
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