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Once in school, eyewear for kids changes dramatically, from the styles kids find cool to the features they need to withstand their active lifestyle. Our glasses for kids are designed for every age group, including school-age children who value style, function and durability. Schedule eye exams for kids at Cohen's Fashion Optical and let our stylists help you determine the factors most important for your child's eyewear needs. You'll love shopping for eyeglasses for kids when parents and kids agree on the selection.

Our eyewear for kids comes in age-appropriate styles your kids will love wearing. For example, our glasses for kids feature strategically placed padding for a comfortable fit that won't irritate your child's nose bridge or the back of their ears. After our eye exams for kids reveal what your child needs, our stylists will introduce your child to the coolest styles for their age group. We make eyeglasses for kids in the hottest trends, such as cat eye frames for your retro-loving child or full-rim frames that appeal to children looking for a studious look.

We also offer eyewear for kids who enjoy an active lifestyle. Our glasses for kids are designed for soccer ball collisions, elbows in the face and other common childhood incidents. Schedule eye exams for kids at Cohen's Fashion Optical and let our staff introduce you to our active wear kids eyeglasses, such as our wraparound eyeglasses, goggle eyeglasses and other sports-approved glasses for children. When selecting eyeglasses for kids, also consider our prescription sunglasses, which offer a smart way to protect your child's eyes during all outdoor activities.

Another consideration for eyewear for kids is teaching kids to care for eyewear both at home and when away. Glasses for kids require proper care, which is why children should be taught at an early age to take good care of their glasses, including proper storage in a hard-cover case and cleaning with eyewear-quality cleansing cloths. After eye exams for kids at our store, our stylists will give you and your child a lesson on proper cleaning and storage of the child's eyewear. From selecting eyeglasses for kids to learning how to properly care for glasses, we make buying eyewear for children of all ages a fun and informative process.
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