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Selecting eyewear for kids is a fun experience for both the parent and the child at Cohen's Fashion Optical. Our glasses for kids have been designed with your little one in mind, from wraparound glasses to full-frame eyeglasses. Schedule eye exams for kids and allow your little ones to experience the excitement of picking out their very own eyeglass frames. We'll show you which eyeglasses for kids are appropriate for which age, and answer any questions you or your child has about the process.

Eyewear for kids is designed for different age groups, focusing heavily on features like durability and ease of wear. For example, glasses for kids age three and under usually come with plastic frames for durability, and often feature wraparound frames or goggle frames for a sturdy fit while crawling or moving around. After the eye exams for kids, our staff will direct you to the section of age-appropriate eyewear. Our eyeglasses for kids feature fun patterns and colors your little one will love.

Our eyewear for kids older than toddler-age include more adult-like features such as full rim frames with the option to be made of metal instead of plastic. But all of our glasses for kids at Cohen's Fashion Optical still feature durability, such as our impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, ideal for transitioning children who need more durable eyeglasses than adults may consider. Our eye exams for kids will identify what type of corrective lenses your child needs and our stylists will help you and your child understand the options for eyewear for children. Our eyeglasses for kids feature the durability and pricing parents want with the cool styles children want.

Transitioning from eyewear for kids under age three to older kids eyeglasses is simpler than you think. First, understand the different glasses for kids and why each feature is necessary, such as extra padding in baby eyeglasses for crawling accidents, or wraparound frames for children who cannot keep regular eyeglass frames on for an extended period of time. Eye exams for kids also help you understand what your child's needs are, such as whether he or she is nearsighted or farsighted, and which lenses are most appropriate for your child's needs. We make transitioning eyeglasses for kids a simple process for everyone by ensuring your child feels comfortable with his or her new look and fit.
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