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We know that prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses available at Cohen's Fashion Optical are essential for everybody, but active, outdoorsy people are outside for a good portion of their day, so they need to invest in quality men's or women's sunglasses that block harmful UV rays. The best sunglasses offer sun protection and vision correction and suit all lifestyles, whether active or super chill. Fancy designer glasses are a chic and viable option, but what if you are hurtling down a mountainside on your bike, running a marathon or spiking a ball on the beach? Polarized sunglasses and other types of sunglasses are essential for anybody who goes outside, but if your time spent outside is very active, you need sunglasses that stay put.

When choosing the best sunglasses for sports and other outdoor activities, there are a number of things to consider. The ideal prescription sunglasses for biking, for example, should have lightweight frames with side vents to combat sweat. Many runners want designer sunglasses that look good since they're hitting the pavement in urban spaces, but still want comfortable sunglasses that fit well and stay put. Polarized sunglasses are also a great option for urban runners, as well as people who spend lots of time engaging in water or snow activities, as these sunglasses help to reduce glare.

It's clear that prescription sunglasses like those found at Cohen's Fashion Optical are important for eye health, but for outdoor athletes there is an added bonus – sports sunglasses for men and women can help enhance athletic performance. Get designer sunglasses for amateur or pro athletes, and choose sunglasses that fit securely, protect vision and enhance it by reducing glare and increasing contrast. Wearing polarized sunglasses and other sports sunglasses can help you see better and boost reaction times. The best sunglasses can deliver all of these benefits, making them worth the investment.

But most importantly, designer sunglasses for active people should offer optimum sun protection. Prescription sunglasses are essential for everybody, but it only makes sense that the more time you spend outdoors, the more you are exposed to UV rays. The best sunglasses should block 100 percent of UV rays and help minimize glare from visible light. And polarized sunglasses, especially those with wraparound frames, are ideal for all levels of activity, because they provide maximum sun protection, controlling how much stray sunlight hits your eyes from all directions, not just head on.
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