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Outdoorsy or not, prescription sunglasses – available in a variety of styles at Cohen's Fashion Optical – are a must if you wear glasses and go outside during the day. Sure, some of the best sunglasses can just be popped on over contact lenses, without the need for a prescription, but that's not always the case. Non-prescription designer sunglasses are an option, but what if you are unable to wear contact lenses or don't want to wear them all the time? Then you need prescription polarized sunglasses, or other prescription sunglasses for men and women, to correct your vision while also providing optimum sun protection.

Whether you decide on prescription sunglasses or non-prescription glasses though, the most important reason to purchase sunglasses is to reduce the risk of eye damage resulting from exposure to UV rays. Choose designer sunglasses not only for their cutting-edge look and air of mystery, but also for the immense eye care benefits. The best sunglasses should block damaging UV rays, including blue-light. Try polarized glasses if you have light-sensitive eyes and need sunglasses that provide sun protection while also reducing glare.

We know that the best sunglasses, including all men's and women's sunglasses at Cohen's Fashion Optical, block UV rays – but why is this so important? Designer sunglasses don't just prevent squinting or protect the delicate skin around the eyes against sun damage that can cause aging – serious diseases and eye damage have been associated with extensive exposure to UV rays. Choose prescription sunglasses that provide complete sun protection because UV rays have been associated with cataracts, macular degeneration and photokeratitis, which is like a sunburn of the eye. Consider polarized sunglasses, which protect from blue-light, which is part of the UV spectrum of sunlight.

Don't ditch prescription sunglasses even if you live in a city that's always overcast or your idea of beach time is deep under an umbrella reading a book, because everybody, from the most active person to the most bookish, needs to wear sunglasses. The best sunglasses protect your eyes in all weather conditions, 365 days a year, because UV rays are always present, even if it is grey outside or you're hiding in the shade. Polarized glasses aren't limited to outdoorsy people either – if you drive, these glasses are ideal for reducing glare on city streets and highways. Designer sunglasses are available for all lifestyles, which is a good thing because when you're outside, you need to wear sunglasses.
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