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Choosing the right designer eyeglasses is tough for anyone, but, at Cohen's Fashion Optical, we know just how difficult it is in the fashion forward worlds of high school and college students. That's why our trendy eyewear reflects the latest and most exciting in fashion, and our stylists are always up-to-date on the current trends. Not only are the designer frames we carry fashion statements on their own, but our stylists also have the know-how to help you coordinate your eyewear with your individual style. Plus, with student eye exams and student discount eyeglasses, you can get celebrity-style fashion on a student's budget.

Finding the most fashionable designer eyeglasses for high school and college means staying on top of current trends in the fashion world. Some of the best trendy eyewear these days zero in on color, light, calming colors such as pastels and natural tones that show off simplicity and ease. Similarly, many designer frames are showcasing soft pinks, baby blues and lavenders to represent free-spiritedness and freedom, something close to the heart of many high school and college students. After your student eye exams, ask our stylists what the latest in designer eyewear is to make sure you're ahead of the curve.

Regardless of what designer eyeglasses are hot right now, eyewear needs to match the wearer, a fashion skill that the stylists at Cohen's Fashion optical have mastered. Most important for trendy eyewear is a companion feature on your face, so together with our stylists, we'll identify your best facial features and choose a frame style and color that brings it out. Designer frames in blue for your blue eyes, for example, make the color pop and the eyeglasses stand out, or accompany your warm blonde hair with tortoise shell glasses to bring out the different tones and colors in it. When the time for student eye exams comes around, start thinking about your best feature and let our stylists help you show it off a little more.

The biggest reason why designer eyeglasses aren't seen in high schools and colleges more often is because of how expensive people think they are. The trendy eyewear we carry, however, is meant to offer students the best in designer eyewear at affordable eyewear prices. We know that designer frames are out of reach for many people in school, so we also offer trendy student discount eyeglasses so you can have the best of all worlds. Whether it's student eye exams or student prices on designer frames, we make sure that the students who care most about fashion get to experience it at its best.
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