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To get designer eyeglasses that are the talk of your high school or college, let the style experts at Cohen's Fashion Optical guide you through the hottest trends of the year, making your most visible accessory your most stylish. Often the best trendy eyewear for people in high school and college makes a statement, so get creative with bold colors and shapes this season. What's on-trend for designer frames, like all fashion, is cyclical, so we look to the past to see what styles might be coming back next. Today, fretting student eye exams is history because the modern styles of designer eyewear are sure to be the envy of your classmates this school year.

Go bold with designer eyeglasses and let their shape and color show off your funky side. Much of today's trendy eyewear is about hard-to-miss, embellished shapes like the exaggerated cat eye or circular frames. Or choose designer frames with stand-out colors, like bright pinks, deep reds and rich browns, or patterns like animal prints, and black and white combinations. Even before your student eye exams, put some thought into what you want your glasses to say about you, and then let us help you say it.

Every so often, designer eyeglasses step back into the past in order to give the people of today something fun and unique. This means that today's trendy eyewear may look similar to the styles of the 50s, like the traditional and revitalized browline frames. Many of the modern yet retro designer frames at Cohen's Fashion Optical even pay tribute to iconic celebrity specs of the past, like James Dean's Wayfarers and Marilyn Monroe's cat-eye frames, letting students channel their inner movie star. Plus, we have student eye exams and student discount eyeglasses, in addition to our stylists who understand the style demands of high school and college, so let us help you or your teenager find the most desirable designer eyewear.

Along with retro designer eyeglasses, an on-trend style of eyewear in today's high schools and colleges is a futuristic or modern look. One tip for trendy eyewear is to try glasses that blend a retro look with a contemporary twist like aviators with round lenses. Many of today's designer frames take a timeless shape, like a square frame, and add some spice to it such as bold frame accents or bright colors to modernize it for today's fashion sense. After your student eye exams, our stylists will go over all of these on-trend styles with you to ensure that everyone's at their best this school year.
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