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In pop culture, eyeglasses for teens didn't always have the best reputation – when teens had to wear glasses for school, they were often teased, and self-conscious teens often would put up with blurry vision instead of wearing prescription eyeglasses. The best glasses were no glasses – glasses were what you ditched if you wanted to become cool. Now unique glasses can be found not only on the faces of DJs, musicians, actors, and models, but also among most groups in school – people even wear designer eyeglasses without a prescription just because they like the look. Find the best cool glasses at Cohen's Fashion Optical to suit your individual style, whether you're a techie, jock, drama buff or anything else.

Cool glasses for drama buffs come in all shapes and sizes. Try on unique glasses, like those with large bold colorful frames, wire rim circular frames or cat eyes) for different roles – just make sure you have an anti-glare coating for those stage lights. Eyeglasses for teens are now much more lightweight than they used to be, too, so you'll hardly feel them as you move around the stage. Keep in mind, the best glasses should suit your features and face shape no matter what the role – you can get into character and still look good in designer eyewear for teens.

Eyeglasses for teens, no matter what you do for fun, need to be computer-friendly, as everybody needs to get in a bit of work alongside all the extra-curricular activities. The best glasses to wear as computer glasses have lenses that reduce glare and help minimize eye strain during those all-nighters – and you'll find a wide selection at Cohen's Fashion Optical. Or, if instead of cool glasses you opt for contact lenses for teens, it's still a good idea to have more than one pair of glasses for studying because when you wear contact lenses for long periods of time, your eyes can get dry and irritated. You can find unique glasses for teens even for studying that make a statement about what is important to you: arts, gaming, writing or playing sports.

Eyeglasses for teens have come a long way, with a number of designer styles to choose from to suit any style. There have always been examples of cool glasses in pop culture for the older crowd (like those worn by Gregory Peck, James Dean, Bo Diddley – Google them), but glasses for teens weren't readily accepted as cool glasses. Now unique glasses for teens are embraced as a cool fashion accessory, even if you don't need prescription eyeglasses for teens. Find the best glasses for your features and personality, and show off your style.
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