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Consider sports eyeglasses for teens specially designed to fit securely, enhance vision and protect eyes if athletics are a major part of your life. The best glasses for athletes, whether you play team sports or individual sports, are available in cool, durable styles at Cohen's Fashion Optical. These unique glasses can stand up to the rigors of contact sports, including body checks, fouls and tackles. Glasses for sports are cool glasses now, and available in styles that look good and perform well under all conditions.

Sports eyeglasses for teens vary depending on the type of sport played. For example, the best glasses for fielding in baseball are prescription sports glasses, sports goggles or sport sunglasses that have shatter-proof lenses and a head strap. Or try unique glasses with very specific features, like light wraparound frames with polycarbonate lenses which protect against wind and particles in the air when running. Sports glasses are cool glasses but they also serve a very important purpose on top of vision correction – they keep your eyes protected, helping to prevent injuries to the eye.

Regular eyeglasses for teens should not be worn when participating in sports, so look for more than one pair of eyeglasses for sports wear and school wear at Cohen's Fashion Optical. Cool glasses designed for everyday wear are not designed with the same safety standards in mind and could shatter. Sports glasses are unique glasses because the majority of lenses used in prescription sports glasses are made from polycarbonate. And the best glasses for sports also have a different type of frame, made of durable plastic or polycarbonate with rubber padding that protects the frame if it receives a hit.

Back in the day, eyeglasses for teens were not associated with athletes, but were thought of as something only bookish, studious types wore. Now cool glasses are for everyone, no matter what you're in to. The option of unique glasses for sports is now available to athletes, instead of taking your chances playing in regular glasses or dealing with a blurry playing field or court. The best glasses for teen athletes enhance performance and vision because when even just a bit of blurriness is introduced to an athlete's game, performance decreases dramatically.
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