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Prescription Eyeglasses for Adults, Adult Eye Care, Eyesight Problems & Eye Health

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Providing eyeglasses for adults is just one of the many ways Cohen's Fashion Optical optometrists can be of help with eye health. Your eye exams are an opportunity to learn how overall health affects your eyes, from allergies to hypertension, and the impact these and other health issues can have on adult eye care as you get older. Ask your doctor about eyesight problems and how they are sometimes linked to major diseases such diabetes as well.

However, eyeglasses for adults are commonly the solution to most issues with aging eye health and resolve a majority of eye problems, such as eye strain in middle age. Regular eye exams determine when new eyeglasses are required and a change in prescription can also be an opportunity to ask your eye doctor about an upgrade to specialty lenses such as bifocals or progressive lenses. Your prescription eyeglasses like glasses for eye strain may also be useful when working on computers. Such eyesight problems, your eye doctor will tell you, also relieve other health issues you may not have realized were related, such as headaches or dizziness.

Along with prescribing eyeglasses for adults, eye doctors, like the ones at Cohen's Fashion Optical, also consult on eye concerns such as blurriness. Simple eye exams detect the causes of blurriness from near-sightedness to more serious eye diseases. Some prescription eyeglasses may be a solution, providing the necessary vision correction that leads to clear vision. Discuss all eyesight problems with your eye doctor, no matter how minor, to ensure the best in adult eye care as you get older.

Aside from eyeglasses for adults to correct vision, optometrists may also help with eye irritation. The eye exams you get annually may reveal that dry eye or itch eyes are a symptom of allergies. While getting prescription eyeglasses, ask your doctor about this condition, as eye drops may be the best way for bringing about relief. Consulting your doctor about eyesight problems and other issues you may be experiencing with your eyes is essential for maintaining aging eye health free of discomfort.
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