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Designer frames for teens from Cohen’s Fashion Optical can be a welcome fashion statement, and the stylists at Cohen's Fashion Optical offer advice that makes the transition to young adult eyewear even easier. Choosing trendy eyeglasses isn’t just about picking what’s the newest; it’s all about blending designer eyeglasses with your teenager’s individual personality. Teen eyewear must also make sense for your teen's lifestyle; otherwise even the most on-trend designer glasses become a nuisance. As an accessory, eyeglasses for high school kids also are a stylish fashion statement that matches your teen's overall fashion sense.

To match designer frames for teens with their personality, our stylists need to know who they are as an individual. We'll discuss what trendy eyeglasses say about a person, such as a funky or unusual shape for the unique bohemian types or vintage-modern for those who want to be on top of the latest trends. Perceptions of teen eyewear have changed so dramatically in recent years that once ridiculed eyeglasses are now on-trend, such as geek-chic horn-rimmed, circular glasses and wayfarer styles. With proper style advice, eyeglasses for high school kids make a statement about who they are as a person or who they want to be.

Another style tip for designer frames for teens is to match the eyeglasses to their lifestyle. The best trendy eyeglasses push the envelope, so for fun-loving, outgoing teens, our stylists might suggest bold shapes and colors, matching their look to who they are and how they are. Another style of teen eyewear that the stylists at Cohen’s Fashion Optical might suggest is sporty young adult eyewear for athletic or active teens like wraparound frames, semi-rimless frames or aviators. Even though eyeglasses for high school kids are mostly about the look, we also discuss the frame material because a rugged lifestyle requires a more durable frame like titanium or Flexon, while a more casual lifestyle allows for materials like wood.

The best part about designer frames for teens today is the selection, meaning we can match designer eyeglasses to any teenager style. Our stylists might suggest trendy eyeglasses that complement your teen's style, such as magnifying a retro look with some oversized rounds or exaggerated wayfarers or even modernizing it with some pops of color like bright reds and rich browns. Another "in" for teen eyewear today is both thin and thick rims as well as rims with bold patterns and designs, especially retro prints. As always, on-trend eyeglasses for high school kids mirror celebrity style, so our stylists keep an eye out for emerging trends, like exaggerated cat-eye frames, pastel colors and large-sized frames, to stay up on the latest in fashion.
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