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Choosing designer frames for teens at Cohen’s Fashion Optical is typically the result of recognizing early warning signs of vision problems in teenagers under the age of 18. While trendy eyeglasses make the transition to wearing glasses a lot easier for high school kids, teenager’s often overlook indicators that their vision is changing, such as differences in how they see colors, not clearly seeing algebra problems being worked on the board or weakening peripheral vision when playing sports. Another sign that teen eyewear may be necessary is if your teenager experiences decreased night vision, begins to see halos around lights or struggles with the glare from sunlight. In the past, eyeglasses for high school kids were unfashionable enough that teenagers would avoid them at all costs, even sacrificing their ability to read and concentrate, but trendy eyeglasses are in-demand fashion accessories today, so teens readily accept eyeglasses once they recognize and understand the vision warning signs.

While designer frames for teens are causing a lot of teenagers to flock toward stylish young adult eyewear, the major vision problems in teenagers under 18 are serious and progressive issues that need to be understood. The reason that trendy eyeglasses are so common and visible nowadays is because one in four high school students needs corrective eyewear. Most teen eyewear is needed to correct myopia or nearsightedness, which is caused by a long eye shape that focuses light too far in front of the retina, and, because the body is growing so rapidly during the teenage years, myopia tends to get worse in that time. The technology of today’s eyeglasses for high school kids makes it easy to correct myopia, so it's best to make an eye exam a part of your back-to-school rituals so any issues can be caught early.

Despite how stylish designer frames for teens have become, most teens would prefer to have perfect vision, but that takes preventative eye care and a bit of luck. As computer usage increases, trendy eyeglasses increase and that’s not a coincidence because computer’s aggravate vision problems through eye strain, which is caused by poorly positioned computers and continuous computer use, and glare, which is caused by screens that are dimly lit, too bright, flickering or have a glare. In addition to teen eyewear that corrects vision, it’s extremely important for teens to protect their eyes from sunlight by using UV protective eyeglasses or sunglasses, especially if they spend long hours outside for sports, work or tanning. Another consideration with eyeglasses for high school kids has to do with wearing protective eyewear when necessary because teenagers are at the highest risk of serious eye injuries, so ask about goggles or impact-resistant eyeglasses from Cohen's Fashion Optical for your teen and help them keep their eyes safe.

Ever since designer frames for teens have become an on-trend fashion accessory, eyeglasses have become more popular among the high school crowd. Trendy eyeglasses have become so desirable for fashion-forward teenagers because of their cool new designs, celebrity connections, and bold colors and patterns that some teens who don’t even need corrected vision are simply popping out the lenses and wearing empty frames. For those that need teen eyewear, however, corrective vision helps address a whole slew of issues from increased concentration, improved reading ability and enhanced eye-hand coordination in sports. Because eyeglasses for high school kids are now both stylish and effective they may even improve your teenager’s confidence.
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