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Now that you have new glasses for your kids, consider ways to boost your professional appearance with stylish prescription glasses. Designer eyewear meets the needs of adults of all ages, from the adult seeking a fashion update in the office to the stay-at-home parent stuck in a rut and looking to merge sensible eyewear with function in a sophisticated manner. Designer eyeglasses from Cohen's Fashion Optical offer adults a professional appearance with a healthy dose of style, with our selection, including eyeglass frames for reading, everyday-wear and even prescription sunglasses. When seeking the best glasses to update your style, our staff offers the fashion tips you need to achieve your professional appearance goals.

Stop by for new glasses for the office, and give your professional appearance a makeover. Designer eyewear shouldn't be the last thing you consider when updating your wardrobe from your first day on the job more than 20 years ago. Choose designer eyeglasses such as the slightly mysterious-looking wraparound frames for a sophisticated take on embracing new styles. Or choose the best eyeglasses for your unique position, such as full-rim frames in a durable metal frame for a practical fashion update when working a job that involves physical labor, or rimless frames for that cosmopolitan look great for a transition to the new city office. The best glasses not only fit into your day-to-day business activities, but also offer you a new take on fashion and sophistication.

New glasses don't have to focus only on function to be fabulous; the best glasses for adults also offer a sensible level of sophistication. Choose designer eyewear that fits into your day-to-day activities, such as full-rim frames that blend in with the artistic crowd at your book club or cat eye frames that update your style to a retro look you would have fallen for in your teens. Designer eyeglasses from Cohen's Fashion Optical take you from stuck in a rut to loving your sophisticated fashion sense with stylish prescription glasses that speak to your love of fashion. Update your style with the best eyeglasses for your active lifestyle, such as optical-quality sunglasses with 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays for the prefect marriage of sensibility and style.

Seniors looking for new glasses don’t have to sacrifice sophistication to find stylish prescription glasses that meet advanced vision needs. For example, choose designer eyewear that merges function and style, such as progressive lenses with a smooth transition, giving you a stylish take on the vision assistance you need. Designer eyeglasses come in a variety of senior-approved styles, from reading glasses with a sophisticated rimless frame to progressive lenses fit into horn rims for a retro take on fashion. For the best glasses for young and experienced eyes alike, swing by one of our stores, and let our stylists offer you fashion tips to wear trendy eyewear at any age.
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