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New glasses allow you to see sophistication in a new light, regardless of your age. Designer eyewear is one accessory that can add a professional update to your look, whether you're a recent college graduate looking to ditch the baby face at your first out-of-school job or a senior stuck in a rut of fashion faux pas and looking for a sophisticated fashion update. Choose the right trendy designer eyeglass frames from Cohen's Fashion Optical with help from our dedicated stylists. We offer the best glasses selection for individuals looking to boost their professional appearance.

For teens, new glasses can be a make-or-break fashion accessory. Designer eyewear needs to fit in with your peers, while also making you look more mature. Choose designer eyeglasses that speak to your goals, such as prescription aviator sunglasses that offer that sophisticated, cool-kid look that just might score you a date with your science lab partner. Other designer eyeglasses also help you look more mature, such as rimless eyeglass frames that combine fashion with a level of sophistication – great for that after-school job interview.

In college, new glasses must offer fashion and function features. While designer eyewear must look stylish, it also must withstand long study night sessions. For example, choose designer eyeglasses in the Clubmaster style that feature a heavy upper frame, sturdy enough for a mid-study "nap" in a book, yet sophisticated enough to wear out to the coffee shop for a post-study pick-me-up. The best glasses for study sessions, first dates, early morning classes and evenings at the pub can be found at Cohen's Fashion Optical, where sophistication and function always go hand-in-hand.

Recent graduates need new glasses that ditch the baby face for a more professional appearance. First interviews require designer eyewear that helps you look the part, such as sophisticated full-rim frames that come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials, offering a vibrant fashion statement for a more creative position, or a solid neutral for the business setting. Designer eyeglasses are a smart addition once you've landed the new job; you'll love stylish prescription glasses such as semi-rimless eyeglass frames that offer all-day comfort for those long hours in the office. Find the best glasses for your fashion and function needs throughout school and beyond at our convenient locations.

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